City Lives

City Lives by Marcus Nodder

Have you ever wondered if you are the only Christian in your office? Or have you ever heard that Christianity is only for those who are weak and need a crutch to be able to get through the struggles of life? Or are you wondering how to respond to some difficult questions that people might have about Christianity?

If so, here is a great little book for you to read.

Marcus Nodder has drawn together the testimonies of people from all areas of city life and put together this helpful book ‘City Lives’. This book is a great way of dealing with difficult apologetics questions, whilst listening to someone’s story along the way. Over the years I have read many different apologetics books many for them written for different audiences for example new Christians, sceptics, people asking questions about Christianity and youth.

Yet I haven’t read many books that find the balance between facts / evidence and light reading. One of the purpose of any apologetics book should, hopefully, be to equip the ‘average Christian’ to answer and wrestle with some of the difficult questions in life and faith.

City Lives, on the other hand, is not just another apologetic book that is full of facts and statistics, but is instead it speaks about the impact that the message of Christianity has had on people lives. In this short and very readable book you’ll hear the stories of sports professionals, medical professionals, law professionals and a contestant from the Bake Off and many more people who have wrestles with some of the hard questions concerning faith and life.

This book addresses questions concerning the Bible, concerning the goodness of God, suffering, the purpose of life, the identity of Jesus and the evidence for the Christian faith.

This book is a breath of fresh air and an uplifting read because it contains 14 accounts of how the good news of Jesus has changed people’s lives.

The stories are not just of those ‘big names’ that always seem to be writing some new book in the Christian world, but also ‘normal people’ like you and me. From Judges to footballers, from bank executives to PA’s, from business owners to bake off contestants, listen to their stories and see how Jesus has changed their lives.

If you’re looking to be encouraged in your faith, or if you’re searching for answers to difficult questions, or even if you want to have an easy give a way book City Lives would be a good start on all fronts.

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