Broken Works Best

When you pick up a book that has the subtitle of ‘when God turns your pain into gain’ you think that you’re buckling up for a cheesy ride.

However, Campbell does a great job when it comes to the topic of suffering.

Sometimes when authors write about suffering and pain they forget to live in the real world. Campbell does a great job of opening up this difficult topic with her own story and the story of others who have suffered horrendous pain in their lives.

Instead of focusing simply on physical pain which is a result of living in a fallen world, like many do, she writes about the pain that we will suffer for Jesus.

I always find in times of pain and suffering the place to go is to God and learn from what His Word has to say, to rest in the knowledge of His sovereignty and His care. I also find it helpful to read the stories of other who have suffered, to learn how they ‘dealt with’ their pain and what they learnt about God in the process.

If you are suffering and want to read a book that contains biblical truths, challenging insights and an attitude of praise and devotion to God I encourage you to read this book.

Campbell’s story is riddled with pain and suffering, yet she explains how through all of it she was taught to depend on the Lord. She speaks of how God spoke to her, through His Word, in both the good and difficult times and speaks of the comfort that memorised verses were.

Many authors can try to dodge to question ‘why?’ But Campbell takes it head on and uses her own story to tell the tale.

Her pain of loosing two daughters at such a young age, her pain of not seeing them be independent and healthy made me feel for her and pray for their family. As difficult as it all was, and without a doubt still is, I was touched by how both Catherine and her husband are using their story to touch people’s lives.

Jesus is the great shepherd who cares, loves and teaches his sheep. We might not understand why certain things happen, but Campbell encourages us through stories from the Bible and other people that we should learn from and not waste our pain.

Rating 4/5

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