The Nativity

If you know me personally then you will know that I do not have any children, which means that you’re probably asking why I’m reviewing children’s books, right?

The reason I’m reviewing these children’s Christmas books is because I realise that many parents struggle to find good materials that are exciting and interesting for children whilst also being sound and Biblical. These books arrived just in time for me to test them out with my wonderful little God-children.

Bethan Lycett has done a great job of conveying the Christmas story in a way that is interesting, true to the text and… it rhymes! The book conveys the story as it is and it doesn’t skip any of the details like other children’s books sometimes do.

I had a look at all three types of the book (Board book, colouring book and normal book) and all three of them are distinct and great.

The board book has a slightly shorter, less complicated version of the story for the younger reader, whilst not missing out any of the important details like the census, the shepherds the wise men and their gifts. But I must say that I like the final page of the book which still had the application of the Christmas story and a call for people to bring their hearts as a gift to God. It says…

“The amazing story of Christmas doesn’t stop there. It was just the beginning. Just like at the first Christmas, God wants everyone, rich or poor, to hear about his wonderful Son, Jesus, and to worship him. We may not have gold, frankincense or myrrh to bring to him, but we can give him our hearts and lives today.”

The colouring book is great because not only can you colour in the actual pictures but you can even colour in the words, meaning that both children and adults (with a not so steady hand) can have a wee bit of a challenge. The colouring book takes the wording of The Nativity which seems to be written with slightly older children in mind.

This book is great for children and if you want to convey the Christmas message in a Biblical way, get one of these books and have a look.

Credit must also be given to Hannah Stout who has illustrated the books. I have seen first-hand how difficult it is to come up with good drawings that don’t distract from the words but rather compliment them. A lot of work goes into illustrating a book and Stout has done a great job.

Combining the rhyme of The Nativity and the illustrations that go with it, this is a great book that is top quality for parents to read to their children to explain the great message of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

You can purchase the books here:

Board book:

Colouring book:

The Nativity:

Bethan has also published other rhyming stories for children that can be found here:

Bethan is a mother of 3 young boys and up until Easter this year she was a maths teachers before joining the ranks of wonderful people at 10ofThose. She loves reading, baking and crafts and this is her 4th rhyming book, and hopefully not the last!

Rating 4/5

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