Love came down at Christmas

I know that it is only November but I thought that I’d plug just a small book before we get the onslaught of jingle bells, happy little elves and a big man wearing red with a white beard. I know, I also think that I’m loosing my mind! Christmas is a funny time of year, for some it brings happiness and joy whilst for others it bring back bad memories and pain. If you were to ask people what they enjoy most about Christmas you’d hear things like; time with family, good food, time off work and some good TV (this point is debatable!).

But if you ask people what Christmas is about you’d probably get the answer that it is about love and peace, this is probably helped by the song played in shops up and down the UK Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet. But what is this love?

Sinclair Ferguson has written a tremendous book on the topic of love for your enjoyment this Christmas. Love came down at Christmas is a book of short daily readings for Advent written in such a way that you cannot help but be taken aback by the goodness of God.

For each day of advent you’ll find a verse or two from the ‘chapter of love’ in the Bible 1 Corinthians 13 and each day you get a little explanation of what true, deep meaningful and sacrificial love is.  1 Corinthians 13 has been read out at numerous weddings and funerals, it has been the inspiration for many songs and it has been quotes by all different kinds of people, so why choose this chapter for a devotional book in the run up to advent? Ferguson says this about the words of 1 Corinthians…

“When you slow them down, and read them phrase by phrase, and apply them to yourself, they transpose into a different key altogether. They cease to be rhetorically pleasing and emotionally soothing; instead they become an analysis of your spiritual life. They are deeply challenging.”

These short reflections are really easy and quick to read you could read it over your morning coffee. After the short reflection and explanation of the verse of that day you’ll find reflection questions which help you think through the application of that verse for your life and there is a prayer at the close of every chapter.

Books that are written solely for the purpose of Christmas can be really good or sometimes really cheesy, but Ferguson has written this short book that is full of Scripture, full of great encouragements and full of challenges as we approach Christmas. Ferguson unpacks the deep theology and significance of the incarnation in a way that you cannot but be blown away, he gives examples of how true love can be seen in Jesus as he takes the reader on a journey through the Gospels.

Not only will this book teach you about the true meaning of love, but hopefully it will give you ideas about how to bring Christ back into Christmas this year, I hope that it create opportunities for you to share the immense love of God this year as we ponder the birth of Jesus.

So whether you are looking forward to Christmas with joy and excitement or with bad memories and pain, let this book fill your mind with Scripture, let the person of Jesus take your breath away and let your mouth be filled with the praise of Jesus, love personified.

This book will help you to spend time reflecting on what the real reason is behind Christmas and it will give you the opportunity to think through the vast love of God that is seen in Jesus. I highly recommend that you purchase this book and enjoy being blown away by the undeserving love that God has shown to humanity in the person of His Son. This year let’s look to Jesus and point others to Him.

You can buy the book here at The Good Book Company

Sinclair Ferguson is a Ligonier Teaching Fellow and Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary. He has years of ministry experience and is the author of many good books.

Rating 4/5

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