Praying for and reading to children…

Children are an absolute joy, but it can be difficult to know how to raise them, how to teach them and how to pray for them. Here are two books that might help.


praykids_medium3d.zgxj3ildxfblcqgsoojj5ehbnaxx3br35 things to pray for your kids – Melissa Kruger
Knowing what to pray for children is difficult regardless of whether they are your own children or the children of friends or family members. Where do you begin?!? Do you pray that they would be healthy, that they would make friends, that they would become Christians, that they would be happy? There are so many different things to pray for and it almost seems impossible to know where to start. Thankfully a mum has come to the rescue!

Melissa Kruger has written a tremendous book called 5 things to pray for your kids but it is not just a list of 5 things, it’s not just 5 chapters of the do’s and don’ts of prayer for children. Kruger has written 21 very short sections, 2 pages each, that give you a passage of the Bible and 5 pointers to pray for your child from that particular passage.

This book is so helpful, you can use it every day to help you pray for children or you can use it as a starter to help you get into the habit of praying for children. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day of life and so easy to pray for the day to day, which is not a bad thing, but often we fail to see the bigger picture. This book helps you pray God’s Word for children and it helps you pray that God would be with, protect, and draw children to Himself.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, godparent, or a congregation member who wants to pray for children then pick up this book. Here is a little challenge for you; buy this book, write down all the names of the children in your church and family and commit to praying through these 21 sections for them for 21 days. We cannot underestimate prayer and this little challenge will benefit the children, but you will also grow in your prayer life as a result.

Rating 5/5


A very happy Easter – Tim Thornborough
Easter is a wonderful time of year in which we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, but how do you explain to children that Easter is just that, a celebration? On Good Friday people look sad because Jesus died and on Sunday people are happy because He is alive again, but how do you help little children get their heads around that one? By teaching them the truth, and by reading them accessible stories like this one!

Thornborough has written this little story book which takes you through the emotions of that first Easter and it will aid you as you teach children about the good news that Jesus died and rose again. What great news we have to proclaim to people of all ages!

Rating 4/5

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