Teach the little ones too…

People love stories, it starts from a very young age and it doesn’t really go away. But how often do we think about the depth of the storybooks that we read to our children?

It would be wonderful if everyone invested just as much time in considering what to read to their children than they do in deciding what to read for themselves. Children soak up everything that you put in their path, so here are just a few recommendations of good, theologically sound and enjoyable books that you can read to your children.

I understand that not everyone will have kids (I’m writing this and I don’t!), but all of us will know parents of small children be it in our families or in our church family. These books would be wonderful additions to every child’s storybook shelf.


PaperbackMy Bible Animals Storybook
This is an amazing children’s book! It goes through different Bible stories from the whole Bible and really helps children think about what it means for them. On one page you’ll have the Bible story, then the next page has facts about an animal from that story, then there is an application page. This book conveys wonderfully deep theology in a simple, fun and engaging way to children. I’d be tempted to us it myself if I wasn’t a little over the age of the intended audience :))

I definitely recommend this story book to parents with little children to help them engage with bible stories and to show them that the Bible is relevant for them.
You can buy it here.

Rating 5/5


Here are three little story books that convey truth from the Bible that are easily understood and accessible for small children. They will give you the opportunity to speak about truth from God’s Word and apply it to their lives.

The Bad Dream
Bad dreams can be absolutely terrible things for adults, so imagine how bad they must feel for a child? This little book helps small children think about the reality of who God is and how nothing is greater than Him. The book conveys the greatness of God from Isaiah 40:25-26, If God is big enough and powerful enough to create the stars then He’s big enough to look after us when we have bad dreams. You can buy it here.

Rating 4/5


Mummy’s new baby

When a family anticipates the arrival of a new baby people are often happy and eagerly awaiting the new bundle of joy. But there might be times when children are anxious that the new baby will get all the attention and they’ll be left out. This little book looks at Psalm 139:14-16 and it teaches children about their identity in God, how He knows and love people. This book will encourage children to see that they are valuable to God, that He created them and that He loves them. You can buy it here.

Rating 4/5


Sports Day

The world focuses so much on how people achieve, the goals that they set and how they work towards those goals. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it can put a lot of pressure on people. This little book looks at the story of a little girl who compares herself with her brother, who is a better runner. It teaches from 1 Samuel 16:7 how God doesn’t look at the outward appearance of a person but God looks at the heart. This book will help children think about how they shouldn’t look at themselves like the world does, but like God does. You can buy it here.

Rating 4/5

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