Final Word

There are many things in the world that worry me, make me ask questions and that make me want to teach people. One of those things is that there are many Christians who do not take the Bible as God’s Word and do not know how to articulate or defend their understanding of what the Bible is.

There are many great books out there that explain the origin, the theology and the meta narrative of the Bible. But there aren’t that many books, that aren’t very long and complicated, that explain the importance of the Bible.

John MacArthur has written Final Word: why we need the Bible and it really is a great book. MacArthur takes the reader through 6 short chapters that explain the current state of the church and its approach to Scripture, followed by chapters explaining what the Bible is.

MacArthur says that the Bible is under attack but that this is nothing new! From the very beginning in Genesis 3 Satan has been distorting, questioning and attacking God’s Word. But this is not a battle that Christians can sit and watch, we cannot sit on the fence.

“Without a doubt, the ground Satan most vigorously and continuously attacks these days is the trustworthiness of Scripture – its authority, sufficiency, inerrancy, integrity, and perspicuity. The battle for the truth is the battle for the Bible, and in this fight God’s people cannot flinch. Biblical truth is under relentless and endless assault”

But why is this the case? Why should Christians take the attacks on Scripture so seriously? Can’t we just agree to disagree on at least a few of the key Biblical doctrines? No, we cannot agree to disagree. Every time God’s Word is sidelined, or twisted to fit the mind of culture, or to make it easier and more comfortable, we are changing truth!

“Every attack on the Bible is an attack on divine truth and God’s holy nature, no matter where the attack originates. And what is most shocking in this endless battle is how often Scripture is hit by friendly fire.”

Sadly this happens today! People twist Scripture, people change the meaning of a verse, people take verses out of context and some people don’t think that the Bible is the perfect Word of God. There are many false teachers in the world who have a big following because they are likeable people, good motivational speakers and they connect with people. But their message is wrong and they are twisting Scripture to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16).

“God’s people ought to be able to discern the difference between His true revelation and the false words of these fraudulent prophets, who invite the judgment of the Lord through their brazen deception”

God’s Word is under attack and this book will give you a brief, yet incredibly deep and easy to read, understanding of the importance and necessity for Scripture. Every chapter is based in Scripture and it has so many great quotes that I can’t put them all here.

throughout this book you hear the wisdom of a man who has been a pastor and Bible teachers for many many years. He shares insights on wonderful passages in the Bible and even through in the odd Hebrew or Greek Word for good measure, but don’t worry it is all translated and very easy to understand. This book will take you to Scripture, it will teach you about Scripture and it will cause you to love God and Scripture more!

My one criticism of this book is that, as with many of MacArthur’s books, he is quite strongly opposed to the charismatic side of the church. I wouldn’t call myself charismatic, but I think that it is unfair to say that the charismatic side of the church attacks the sufficiency and authority of Scripture. As with every single denomination or church movement there are people who do misapply and misinterpret Scripture, and the Charismatic Movement is no different.

I have a lot of Charismatic friends and they would all say that everything they say should be tested by Scripture, if it does not stand up then it should be forgotten about. Maybe MacArthur knows others in the movement (because it is very big and can look very different) who do neglect the sufficiency and authority of Scripture. But to right off a whole denomination as attacking Scripture or to call them deceived is too harsh, I think.

If you are looking for a book that gives you an introduction into the importance and the place that Scripture should have in the Christian’s life and church today then I highly recommend you buy this book for a read. Over the years I have read many of MacArthur’s books and I have thoroughly enjoyed many of them, but this one is really really good.

Why not get a copy and let me know what you think about it? I always like to hear what you guys think about the books that I’ve reviewed.

Rating 4/5

John Fullerton MacArthur Jr. is an American pastor and author known for his internationally syndicated radio program Grace to You.

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