The identity of every human being…

We live in a world where many people are searching for their identity. People are asking the question ‘who am I?’ People are searching for purpose and meaning in life. But many people don’t know where to look.

People are find a sense of identity in their jobs, social status, relationship status, likes on FaceBook, sexuality, country of origin and much more. But these are not the things that make us who we are. Many of the things people claim to be integral to their identity, can be things that they do or things that they feel. Therefore, it is no wonder our world is in an identity crisis because people are basing their identity on things that change and are transient.

This matter is further complicated by the fact that our culture is becoming increasingly affirming. By that I mean that people don’t like to confront others and definitely don’t like being told ‘no’. It sometimes seems that the worst thing you can do in today’s world is to offend. People like to believe what they want, if you hold a different view then it’s ‘your truth’. But if it’s a topic that they are serious about, disagreeing with it makes you judgmental.

The problem with this whole mindset is this; your identity is not external to you, it is not something that is created over the years that’s character. The reality is that the identity of an individual is imbedded into people from birth.

The identity of every human being is that they are image bearers of God. If every person had a personal ID it could say created by, for and in the image of God. But why is this such a hard problem for people to come around to?

It’s hard because it tells you that you are not your own. In a world that is becoming more and more ‘me’ focused, the message that someone else know you better than you know yourself is absurd. The message that you have a beginning and a purpose answers the questions that people have, but they don’t like the source. Our world seems to have developed an allergic reaction to any mention of God. Therefore, people scoff at the idea, but we are all image bearers of God. So racism, elitism, and the idea that one person is better than the other are all absolute lies. We are all made in the image of God.

This is important to know, and Christians should be confident in this, because it means that we should be following God’s blueprint and plan for the world. If people understand who they are and that their true identity is found only in God, then they won’t identify themselves by their sexual preferences.

As Christians our task is to spread the good news of Jesus, to tell the world that they need Him. We also must stand up for our faith, contend for orthodoxy and, where appropriate, speak out against those who would seek to silence any Christian witness. People understanding that their identity is bound up with their Creator because they are made in His image is a good and beautiful thing. It gives purpose, it gives guidance and it should give every single person the dignity they deserve because they are important.

Pray for people to see the truth, that they are made in the image of God. Pray for people to see the significance of that and to stop all the atrocities being down against others. Pray that people would submit to the Lord and His Word and live a according to His plan and purpose for this world. Pray that people would see the blessing that life is and the privilege it is to be an image bearer of God. Tell people the truth about their true identity.

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