Saturday Snippets (April 11)

 Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers.

Why Our Church Is Only Sort Of Streaming Our Services

 Challies draws a helpful distinction between church and chapel. This might help you through the distinction between gathered church and online ‘church’.

Is Jesus Weeping For Us in Heaven?

The way we speak about Jesus now is important because it has implications on how we understand his work on earth. This is an interesting read.

The Lord’s Prayer in a Crisis 

 Thousand of people across the globe recite the Lord’s Prayer daily. Jared Wilson, a name that you need to know, has written a great article about how the Lord’s Prayer can help us in this troubling time.

Happy Easter: God speaks to us in our fear and suffering

 Jeremy Marshall is no stranger to pain and suffering. He has written this helpful article which draws our eyes to see the wonder of the gospel and how we need not despair.

3 Reasons I Hold To Exclusive Psalmody

I’ll say off the bat that I do not hold to Exclusive Psalmody, but Donald is a friend and I find the position interesting. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts and other reasons why some hold to this position.

The Deeper Roots of Youth Anxiety

 Why do many of the youth today feel so anxious? This is an important topic for every pastor, leader and parents to wrestle with. This is an interesting article that can act as an introduction for you.

Where is God right now?

 Well known apologist, Rebecca McLaughlin, tackles the question thy at many people are asking at the moment. She also speaks a lot about Dr. Who if that interests you.

The Well-Trained Theologian: Essential Texts for Retrieving Classical Christian Theology

 What exactly should well-trained theological minds be reading? I see many people reading new books on theology, which is great, but let’s not forget the classics! Barrett has put together a really helpful list for anyone who wants to think through theology with some old and wise saints.

What are some misconceptions about Reformed Theology? (Video)

 I’ve heard many people cast off Reformed Theology as too intellectual or with an “they’re all head and no heart” attitude. This very short video addresses that, among other things, it’s a short and good video.

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