Out of the Black Shadows

Biographies, stories of how people’s lives were transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, are amazing! I enjoy reading about other people’s conversions and how their lives were completely changed through God working in them. ‘Out of the Black Shadows‘ is one of the best biographies that I’ve read over the years. It is the story of a Steven Lungu from Zimbabwe.

The story begins with a troubled family, an absent father and a troubled young mother whose marriage was arranged by the grandparents. Stephen did not grow up in a happy household, yet Sunday he says was the only day that they didn’t argue. On Sundays everyone put on their Sunday best and their Sunday smile and they all pretended that everything was alright. The trappings of dead religion rather than transformed lives through Jesus.

At age 7 his mother abandoned him and his two younger siblings in the market and they went into the care of an aunt who made it very clear, she didn’t want them.

By age 11 Stephen had ran away and was living under bridges, eating from bins and was part of a street gang. The gang caused mayhem in the town, stealing, robbing people, stirring up political riots for their dream of revolution. They’d been trained to hurt and inflict damage, even kill, those who stood in opposition to the revolution.

One night everything changed! Stephen and his gang were ordered to go and attack a South African tent mission that was happening in their town. With stones, knives and fire bombs in their bags they went intent on inflicting the most harm on the people there. However, Stephen sat down in the tent and listen to the preacher for a moment.

A moment, that’s all it took, for Stephen to realise his sin and need for forgiveness. That night instead of killing those in the tent, he bowed the knee and died to himself to live for Christ. From that day on Stephen became a preacher on the buses and in the market place of his town.

The book continues throughout Stephen’s life and tells the wonderful story of how the power of God at work in his life. It’s 304 pages, but you’ll wizz through it because it’s such an exciting book! Yes, it’s exciting because of the events in Stephen’s life, but more importantly, it’s exciting because you see God’s hand changing someone from the inside out.

I highly recommend that you buy this book! It’s currently on sale (at the original posting of this post) on 10ofThose for £2.99! That’s an absolute bargain! This is a great book for everyone to read because it tells the gospel throughout. Take up and read, be encouraged and be drawn to worship our God who is in the business of changing lives.

Buy the book here, you will not be disappointed!

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