Be still…

Our world is normally a very busy place. People running to and fro. Cars driving and honking their horns. There isn’t much time for silence and stillness, at least not in a city. But one of the benefits for some during lockdown has been the opportunity to be still…

Admittedly not everyone has had that opportunity, some of us have somehow become busier during lockdown. But, for many people, this has been a prolonged season of stillness. A time where many distractions have been removed, some of our idols have maybe become unreachable. For some it’s provided the opportunity to be still and meditate on God.

Sometimes we’re afraid of the silence, afraid of where our minds may wander, afraid of where our deepest thoughts may take us. Sometimes we’re afraid of being still because we’re worried about what we may do if unoccupied, afraid that our hearts and hands may pull us in different directions. However, there are times when we need to be still.

We must be still and remind ourselves of the Lord’s character. He is a faithful Lord who has promised to be with His people. He is a loving God who has called and redeemed a sinful people. He is a sacrificial God who sent His Son to atone for sin. He is a jealous God who cares about what we worship. He is a Father God who has called sinners to be His children.

We must be still and remind ourselves of the Lord’s works. He had revealed Himself to the world, in creation, in word and in person of Jesus. He has defeated sin and death, setting people free from the chain that bound us to the first Adam. We must remember the life of Christ, his perfect obedience and righteousness that no one could attain. But we must also remember that his righteousness was handed to his people. The Lord has done many mighty works that we would do well to be still and remember.

We must be still and hold firm to the Lord’s return. What better time than now, during lockdown as people are missing ‘normal life’, is there for us to tell people of the certain hope we have of a glorious future?!? Not pie in the sky, not fictional fairytales, but an absolutely glorious future that awaits who trust in the Lord. The Lord has promised that Jesus will return, that the New Creation will come and that the day is on its way when the Lord will dwell with His people. We should be still and hold firm to the Lord’s return.

The list could continue all the magnificent and marvellous work of our Awesome God. No amount of pages or words would suffice to tell of all His wonderful deeds. No amount of pondering would suffice to delve the depths of the Lord’s plan and design of this world. No amount of time spent in sung worship would even begin to be enough of the praise that is due our Great God. No amount of hours spent in prayer would suffice to communicate just how thankful we should be for the great salvation we have through Jesus.

That’s not to say that we don’t do all those things, but it’s a call to stop, to remember and to be still before the Lord. Take the time to be still before the Lord, in joyful thanks and in reflective silence, remember the Lord and be still before Him.

2 thoughts on “Be still…

  1. It is good to be reminded of being still before God. Sometimes in all the busyness of life that is especially hard! I have been working through the lockdown but I have also found it a time to draw near to God. With all the Facebook, Twitter and Zoom availability at present it has been especially good to see how God is working – what will happen when we go back to normal church? I really pray that God will continue to speak and bless in the days ahead.


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