Books written by women for women, that men should read too…

The majority of books are written for anybody and everybody to read. Sure, they maybe have a specific demographic in mind or they’re targeted at a particular type of person (parents, teacher, pastor, etc.). But there are also books that are written for very specific audiences. Here are five books written by women for women, but I personally think that men should read along with at least a few of them…

The Good Portion – Christ; the Doctrine of Christ for Every Woman by Jenny Reeves Manley

This is what Christian Focus say about this series…

“The Good Portion is a series written specifically for women to immerse themselves in the depths of Christian doctrine. Our goal is to spur women on to relish the truths of the Christian faith as they do what they were created for—enjoy knowing God.”

Personally, I don’t get it. I don’t see why we need a specific set of books on doctrine devoted solely for women. If the idea behind it is getting more women reading theology, I think it’s great but my question then is; when’s the doctrine for every man series coming out? We need to get good solid doctrine into the hands of every believer!

Having said that wee criticism of the series, I must say that this book was great! I’ve studied theology for 7 years now and read tons of books from the ‘introductory’ to the ‘advanced’ levels, this might just be one of my favourites on the doctrine of Christ! Manley packs in some serious thought and depth into a short book (230 pages). She writes in such a simple, easy to read way, that has the depth of an academic study without the dryness of reading such a book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to think more about the doctrine of Christ.

The Good Portion – Christ; the Doctrine of Salvation for Every Woman by Natalie Brand

This is a helpful book that explores the wonderful doctrine of salvation. Why does a person need salvation? How is that salvation possible? This short book walks through the key elements of salvation and draws the readers attention to the greatest news that this world has ever known; that sinners can be made right with a holy God. In the first section of the book, Brand deals very helpfully with the thorny topic of election right at the beginning, before looking at the fall, the cross and the resurrection. In the second section, Brand talks about union with Christ, calling, regeneration, faith, justification and adoption. Out of the two I’ve read in this series, I’d say that the doctrine of Christ is my favourite. This is a good book, but it does’t flow as much as the above mentioned book does.

Growing Together by Melissa Kruger

Discipleship is not an optional add-on to Christianity, but sometimes it can feel strange and it might not always be easy to go from small talk to speaking about the depths of your soul. This book is designed to help, it is written specifically for women, but I think that everyone would benefit from it. In the first two chapters Kruger walks through the concept of mentoring, the biblical examples and she offers practical advice on how to develop a mentoring relationship. In the following nine chapters Kruger provides a curriculum to help guide your time together. The chapters are written in a really helpful pattern; they discuss what the Bible says about a topic, why we struggle to follow that teaching and how do we live biblical truths in light of the gospel?

This format, together with the homework in advance, the reflection questions for the meeting and the ‘home-work’ after the meeting make this book really helpful. Maybe you’ve never been mentored but you see the responsibility to teach and train younger women in your church, this book would be a great tool to help you along the way. Why not consider buying a few copies and starting a few individual studies, or a small group of women studying this book together? I would highly recommend this book, to anyone, but especially to women (the target audience for it).

Who He Says I Am by Jean Gaffin

Identity is a huge topic int he world today, so it is vital that Christians understand who they are in Christ. In this short book (172 pages), Jean Gaffin takes you to the pages of Scripture so that you’re taken aback by the wonder of the gospel that has transformed your life. Not only is this book packed of wonderful truths that make you excited about the gospel and the reality of being in Christ, it is also a challenging call to live out that reality in everyday life. Women are the primary audience for this book, however, I was so encouraged by reading it and would encourage men to read it as well. You can even put it down as one of those cheeky ‘it’s for you, but it’s really for me’ kind of gifts.

Beautifully Distinct edited by Trillia Newbell

We are surrounded by a world that is telling us how we should think and behave, sometimes it’s very subtle but it’s there. Nobody is immune to this, the things that appear on our television screens, the articles on the news and even the adds that appear on our social media. So how exactly should women (that is after all the target audience for this book) respond to all of these external voices?

In this book multiple authors tout on particular areas under 3 main topics; being thoughtful, listening well and speaking well. Each chapter has its own individual style which is helpful and refreshing, there are a lot of different topics in this book ranging from hospitality to body image and from books to social media. There is something in this book for every woman, something to challenge and to encourage, something to build up and spur onto good works. I think that this would be a helpful book for many women to read.

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