Sea Billows Roll

I’m part of a writing community that posts weekly challenges to help us all grow and develop in our work. Here is a recent one; the piece was to be 300 words and the topic was ‘Like Sea Billows Roll’.

Life, like the sea, has its times of peace and tranquility but also times of storms and trials. Times of rejoicing and gladness and times of sorrow and pain. 

People have fond memories of family reunions, times of joy as celebrations were afoot and joy was in the air. Maybe you remember certain days of tranquility as you recall your first glimpse of your bride, or maybe it was hearing the first cry of your child or maybe it’s the peace that you know surpasses all understanding as you remember your stance before a holy God through Christ. A fond memory, sometimes as tangible as a soft and still sea, brings a smile to your face, so peaceful that you’re afraid to breathe and send a ripple over the still waters. Life can, at times, be like still waters; full of joy and happiness.

But life too can feel like a violent storm that tosses even the sturdiest of vessels to and fro like a stick. There are times of sorrow and loss, times of pain and suffering. There are those whose lives are marked by a particularly difficult tempest at times, an illness that claims the life of a child can send parents dashing against the rocks of grief and pain. A marriage breakdown that causes turmoil in the lives of parents and children alike, or maybe an illness that changes your life for it never to be the same again. Storms are inevitable but the Lord is steadfast!

When storms come, which they will, we must learn to make us run and depend on the Lord, to come to Him in pray and dependance and to cling to Him for life. As Spurgeon said “I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages.”

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