Evangelistic Living; Sharing the Gospel Day by Day

Have you ever picked up a book and just wanted to shout ‘AMEN’ on every single page? Have you ever read a book that you wish you could give every Christian in the world to read to spur them on in their evangelistic service of God? I have, and this is it.

Roger Carswell is a wonderful man with a gift for sharing the gospel. He is a great preacher and author and I would highly recommend you check out his sermons and books. His newest book ‘Evangelistic Living’ is one of the best books I have read in 2020. It is challenging. It is inspiring. It is God glorifying. It is Bible based. It is practical. But most important of all, it is all about how we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a world that needs to know about him!

On every page of this book you’ll find sources of encouragement, you’ll find practical tips on how to creatively share the gospel and you’ll be challenged to actively go out and do it. I’ve read a lot of book son evangelism, many of them deal with the actual conversations and theories themselves. One of the many things I like about this book is that Carswell helps you see how easy evangelism actually is.

Evangelism isn’t about a few hours a week, or a set time in a certain course held in the church building, evangelism is the day in day out sharing the gospel with non-Christians. I am saddened to see that a zeal for evangelism seems to be absent in the hearts of many believers and in many churches. I include myself in this too!

This book will help you think creatively about sharing the gospel. It will encourage you with Bible truths that give you the strength and courage, through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, to share the gospel. This book will challenge you to see every gospel opportunity in life and to take it when it appears.

I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. Head over to 10ofThose and buy a few copies. Read it as a small group, as a family, as a whole church and start sharing the gospel day by day.

Here are just a handful of the great quotes in this book that will encourage, challenge and spur you on to serve the Lord by sharing the Good News;

“The greatest act of service for the Christian each day is to share the gospel with an unconverted person”

“Evangelistic burden comes from belief in what the Bible teaches and walking closely with the Lord”

“Not every Christian is gifted as an evangelist, but every Christian is a witness. If we are to take seriously the Bible’s teaching about heaven and hell, sheer human compassion would leave us longing for everyone to know God’s salvation”

“If God can urgently plead with people to turn from their sin to recieve forgiveness and His eternal life, why wouldn’t we echo His heart and cry?”

“The greatest act of kindness is to tell someone the good news of Jesus; the greatest act of tyranny is to know the gospel and not share it”

“It is an easy error to conform our beliefs to current politically correct opinions, but it leads to insipid religion. We are not to be bombastic, but winsome; yet we are also to be faithful and true to Scripture”

“Clery and those in full-time ministry play a key role in modelling and energising an evangelistic emphasis in churches. However, there is a danger that those whose ministry is to lead a church lose the fire of evangelistic burden”

Roger Carswell works full-time speaking to students and adults about the believability of the Christian faith and its relevance to the modern world. He is married to Dot and they have four children.

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