Saturday Snippets (January 30)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

Is anyone listening?

Some really helpful thoughts from Ellidh Cook on things that have helped her in her anxiety and depression. Featured during UCCF’s month focusing on mental health.

The Fallen Condition Focus And The Purpose Of The Sermon

“The Fallen Condition Focus (FCF)is the mutual human condition that contemporary believers share with those for or by whom the text was written that requires the grace of the passage to manifest God’s glory in his people.”

Sovereign Grace: The Pardons Granted By Donald Trump At the End Of His Presidency Point Us To The Glory Of The Gospel

“The sovereign grace exercised by President Trump, therefore points us to the greater sovereign grace that is exercised by our Heavenly Father. It challenges us to acknowledge God for who he is, the absolute monarch who rules his creation.”

To ‘seminary’, or not to ‘seminary’

“I think that people should be trained theologically for becoming pastors. But we shouldn’t entertain cliques where the ‘smart’ folks are on one side of the church and the ‘dummies’ are on the other. Quite focusing on the letters that are or aren’t in front of your name and just focus on serving Jesus well. That should keep us all busy enough”

Shedding Tears Over Sorrows That May Never Come

“So I will pray for the desires of my heart, I will ask God to bless and protect my girl, I’ll plead with him to bring her home to me in May. But the steel thread woven through the fabric of such a prayer is not “my will be done” but “thy will be done.” Ultimately, if there is to be comfort, it will not be grounded in the hope that nothing bad will happen to me or to the people I love, but in the perfect God whose perfect character is displayed in his perfect will.”

How Penal Substitution is the antithesis of Spiritual Abuse

Intersting post from Ollie Lansdowne, a bit of a longer one than normal but worth a read.

A Conspiracy of Evil

“We are living in a time of wide-spread belief in grand evil conspiracies, that have seized the imaginations of many and filled social media, YouTube channels, and some lives. These grand conspiracies, whatever their particular shape, share an attraction. They also serve a purpose that I think explains why they are so popular and powerful to us.”

When everything seemed chaotic and directionless, we see God working in the details

“Just remember the next time you are in the book of Judges. While this is playing out, while the judges are scrapping and fighting and failing, while the people were searching for a leader, God was working in the lives of just three people in a tiny town to bring into effect His ultimate saving plans for Israel and all the nations – for all of us. “


“What do you need for 2021? You may need a new budget, a career plan, a fitness app, the courage to move forward, the wisdom to hold back, or a hundred other worthwhile things. But what you need most of all is to run to Jesus as a child.”

Towards a theology of depression

“In this article I am proposing that this suggests a need to do a little bit more of the heavy theological digging to better equip us. I’m not going to attempt an in depth coverage or even to come to conclusions here. Rather, I just want to highlight a few key areas where we need to give our attention. I hope this will encourage others to join the thinking.”

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