Kid’s Corner

If we want the children in our churches to grow up to be strong believers, then we need to teach them. We need to teach them the truth. They will be confronted with lies as they grow up. Their faith will be challenged. They must be prepared for that battleground. The training of kids doesn’t start when they become pre-teens or teens, it must start young. Here are some resources to help…

Words about Jesus

In churches all over the world today, words about and names of Jesus are thrown around all the time. But do our children really understand them or their significance? Probably not! Carine MacKenzie has written this helpful little book that talks about some of the names and offices of Jesus. Each page has a different aspect of Jesus as revealed in the Bible, relevant Bible passages, a sort explanation and helpful little illustrations to help you talk about Jesus with your kids. Each page is designed to help your child worship Jesus. This could be a good conversation starter with the little ones.

Tell God How You Feel

I loved this book! Talking about emotions to adults can be hard enough, and it isn’t much easier with kids. But the reality is that children go through some tough stuff too. This book can help you navigate those tough waters. You won’t find pep talks, or a kid friendly version of a self-help book. In this book Christina Fox takes you to the Psalms of lament to help your child work through some of the tough things that will come up in their early years. The book focuses on the Bible, which is the best thing anyone can do. The book is also clear that whilst are emotions are very real, they are not always right. Fox manages to keep this short book engaging and challenging, realistic and relatable. This could be a great conversation starter with your child about their emotions.

Corrie ten Boom

I often recommend biographies for adults to read. Biographies help us learn from the experience of others and help us learn about God from others. Corrie ten Boom has been an essential read in the Christian biography world for a long time. Well, now your children can start to learn about her story too. This book is very short, but it covers the basics. It’s designed for small children and so does not go into the details of Currie’s story too much. The thing that I like about this book, and this whole series, is that it is designed to be the starting line. The starting line for children to hear about faithful men and women who have served the Lord and done great things in His name. Check out this book and this series if you have small children. You never know, you might learn a thing or two along the way.

Betsey Stockton

Betsey was a slave who was set free and became a missionary to the people in Hawaii. This short book, designed for little children, will help them see the importance of prioritising God. This is the story of a woman who despite living in a broken world, decided that she wanted to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. What better story to tell your children than that of someone who spent their life serving Christ? This series of books for little kids from The Good Book Company could be a really great addition to your child’s ‘library’.

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