It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Christmas is just around the corner. I know, I know, it is still October. However, in the blink of an eye we’ll be buying a Christmas tree and preparing to gather with people to sing some carols and celebrate the birth of Jesus. But it’s easy to get caught up in the presents, the food, the fun and to forget about the meaning for Christmas. So, here are a few resources that can help. Devotionals, kid’s books ad Christmas giveaways that will point you to Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas this year…

A Very Messy Christmas by Jago Wynne

Christmas isn’t always mess-free, no matter how hard we try to make it that way. The first Christmas also wasn’t mess free. In this short evangelistic book, Jago walks the reader through the original Christmas story. In just six short chapters the reader will hear about the mess of our world, something you probably won’t need convincing of especially after Covid. But then he points you to Jesus and the true and lasting hope that He brings to a world of mess. This would be a good book to give out in church, to give to your neighbours or to post to the community around your church building. You can buy one copy for £2.99 or 100 copies for £1 each!

Is Christmas Unbelievable? by Rebecca McLaughlin

We talk about the Christmas story every year, hoping and praying that people would listen and really consider who Jesus is. Have we ever stopped to think what people are actually hearing? Story of a baby born to a virgin, into a poor family, with angels heralding His arrival. It can sound a bit like a fictional story, but is it? Is the Christmas story true and can it be backed up? Rebecca McLaughlin takes the reader through 4 questions;

  • Was Jesus even a real person?
  • Can we take the Gospels seriously?
  • How can you believe in a virgin birth?
  • Why does it matter?

This would be a great giveaway book because it asks the questions that many non-Christians might ask when they hear the Christmas story as we know it in the Bible. Grab a single copy for £2.54 each or 100 copies for £1 each!

The Promise and the Light by Katy Morgan

What was that first Christmas like? What was going on in the minds of Mary, Joseph and Zechariah? Katy Morgan has written this great book for 8-12 year olds which helps you consider what that first Christmas was really like. Written like a novel you get the drama, the ups and downs, the questions and the joys that must have been running through the people involved in that first Christmas. This book is a journey that you take with the earthly family of Jesus as you step into their world and you imagine what it was like. This could be a great book for kids to read as they consider Christmas. In the notes at the back of the book Katy helps the reader see where she got her information from in the Bible and some of the facts surrounding the birth of Jesus.

The Dawn of Redeeming Grace by Sinclair Ferguson

I really enjoy Sinclair Ferguson’s devotional material. He has a way of writing deep theological truths in simple ways that point you to Jesus and help you see how wonderful and worthy of praise He is. Ferguson’s new Advent devotional is no different. In this book you’ll journey through the first chapters of Matthew’s Gospel for 24 days. You’ll find context and insights that you might have missed in the passages of Matthew, you’ll read carols and hymns that help you see the magnitude of the incarnation and you’ll end each day with a prayer that focuses on Jesus. Sinclair doesn’t draw attention to himself or another other person, in this devotional he makes much of Jesus. I really like this devotional.

Tracing Glory by Sarah Rice

Keeping Jesus at the centre of Christmas in a world that focuses on gifts, lights and all kinds of shiny things with children isn’t the easiest thing. Having the creativity to engage children with the Christmas story is hard too. Thankfully people like Sarah Rice so a great job at creating resources to help families along.

In this family Advent devotional, which lasts for 25 days, you’ll start at Creation and end at the New Creation. In-between those two bookends you’ll take a journey through the Bible tracing the glory of Jesus and helping you see how great the Christmas story is. Each day has a Scripture reading, a simple explanatory devotional, a main point, a connection of how the daily truth points to Jesus and some discussion questions. On the 10ofThose website you can also download instructions to create ornaments each day which will help your children to remember the story and you’ll be decorating your tree at the same time.

The Adventure of Christmas by Ed Drew and Alex Webb-Peploe

The first Christmas was an adventure, a lot of noise, different people involved and all of it focusing on the birth of Jesus, the most important child to be born. In these 25 devotional sittings, Ed Drew gives you a story with a link to the everyday life of a child, a Bible reading, questions for for different age ranges (from 3-teens) and a prayer to say. Each devotional will take no more than about 10 minutes and could be a good conversational starter for the whole family about the adventure of Christmas.

Finding Hope Under Bethlehem Skies by Robin Ham

I love a good book that takes you to a bit of a different place, Robin Ham does it here. Instead of going to some of the most well-known ‘Christmas passages’ Robin takes you to the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. Over the course of 25 days Robin walks the reader through Ruth with great insights into the story of Ruth and how it connects to Jesus. I really enjoyed reading through these short devotions and I’m sure they would be great for you too. At the end of each piece there are questions to help you ponder the text and a song that you can listen to. I enjoyed pondering the questions as I listened to different carols and versions of carols. Get this devotional book, find and point others to true hope under Bethlehem skies.

Love Came Down Story Book by Bethan Lycett

Bethan has written this great little story book that gives children the message of Jesus, taking the little ones on a journey from Creation to Bethlehem, to Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Bethan packs so much into this short story book and ties it all together with John 3:16. The Illustrations are also really eye catching, Hannah Stout has done a great job. This would be a great book to read with children from the ages of 3-7. There is also an activity book with cross words, colouring, spot the difference and much more. There is also a board book version, which is obviously much smaller, but still just as good, for the smallest of children. This could be a great little gift for little ones in the run up to Christmas.

The King and the Shepherd Boy by Sam Brewster

Every Christmas Christians love to talk about the gift that Jesus is and the gift of salvation that He makes possible. But do we highlight that Jesus is the Saviour for all kinds of people? This short children’s book does a great job at just that. Sam Brewster looks at the birth of Jesus from the perspective of a King (the Magi) and a shepherd boy. Sam highlights the joy that these two very different people have when they meet the Saviour that they both need. Sam brings it home highlighting the fact that Jesus came to die, for the great and the small, Jesus came to die to be a Saviour for all.

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