A world of ‘freedom’ that gives out chains

We want freedom. People want to be free to live life as they please. The idea that’s often thrown around is ‘as long as you’re not harming anyone it’s fine’. Is that real freedom?

The answer is no. Whilst is may seem like that gives people freedom, all is does is further enslave you to the sin that binds your heart.

Largely speaking, western cultures promote a ‘you be you’ and ‘love is love’ mindset that on the surface looks freeing. But what it doesn’t take into consideration is the brokenness of humanity and God’s intention for His creation.

Take the sexual revolution for example, it’s been going on for years and has dramatically changed in the last 20-30 years. In generations gone by it would have been unthinkable for an unmarried couple to live together. Divorce was a big taboo and homosexuality was underground.

The idea that’s often promoted behind this change is that ‘love is love’ and a person is only free once they live out their desires. Two issues here; 1) love is defined as absolute acceptance and completely separated from God, and 2) it neglects any idea that our desires could be wrong and we need to exercise self-control.

Love cannot be defined without any reference to God because Gos is love (1 John 4). Furthermore, absolute acceptance very rarely works out. We need to be challenged, we need to keep growing and that can only happen if we are questioned about our positions and convictions.

‘Love is love’ and ‘be free to be you’ sound nice, but they are emotional cop outs with a cherry on top.

True love is to call someone to repent, to put their trust in Jesus and to live the life they were created to live. True freedom is to tell people that they were created by God to live for Him and His glory. Only when we live as God wants is to is true freedom to be found.

Whilst the world may promote the idea of ‘freedom’ and ‘love’ in reality it’s just putting a bag of chains around your neck that are dragging you down. The result? Your gaze is taken away from the glory of God above, your eyes are focus on the ground and this life and your focus is only yourself and your own desires and goals.

Doesn’t really seem loving or freeing does it? That’s because whilst our world speaks about freedom but gives out chains instead.

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