Surviving the Trenches

The battle against sin can be a lonely one, can’t it? Especially for men, not because our struggles are worse than those of women but because men are less likely to open up than women (in my experience). How do we fight sin? Obviously we are enabled to live as God’s wants us to as we grow in Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. Are there also things that we can practically do?

Absolutely! I’d like to introduce you to Surviving the Trenches by Joe Barnard. Joe is a very gifted preacher and pastor in Edinburgh and this is his second book written, as his first one was, specifically to men. This book focuses on the need for men to be killing sin in their own lives. Maybe when you read that you imagined an extraordinary tactic or strategic plan, but killing sin starts with the normal every day routines of a Christian. Here’s what Joe says;

“The normal Christian Life is what produces and sustains the basic health of a Christian. In saying this I am not denying that more aggressive efforts will be needed to dig up the roots of some gnarly sins. The point is merely that pursuing a silver-bullet cure will be of little benefit to a person who is not first willing to practice the A, B, C’s of a godly lifestyle.”

he first chapter of the book focuses on the rules of war as you fight sin in your life. The second chapter deals with the lies that we can often believe about sin and the messages that are going on around us. The third chapter helps you think about how to uproot and kill deep rooted sin in your life by detecting, reflecting, rejecting and correcting. The final chapter focuses on four sins that are a common threat to the average Christian man.

Throughout this book you’ll hear the voice of a brother in arms who calls you to take up your weapons and wage war on the sins that entangle your heart and distract you from Jesus. You’ll read quotes from past Christians and their insights on the important of killing sin and how to do it. Reading this book will challenge you, but it should be a welcome challenge and it will help you grow in your understanding of sin, grace and the need to live for Jesus wholeheartedly.

Grab your copy here, it would be a good idea to gather a group of men together and read it as a group, to discuss what you’re reading and to help each other as you’re in the trenches together fighting sin.

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