The journey…

To say that the last few years have been an adventure is an understatement. There have been plenty of laughs and joys, together with many tears and struggles. Here’s an insight into my last few years. But first a bit of context…

Nine years ago I married an amazing women in Austria and shortly after moved to the UK. I began my training at Bible College and my wife completed a masters at Uni. In 2013 we stepped foot into the Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh, not knowing that our lives would never be the same again.

I studied theology full-time, caught the love of reading and began to think through what I believed and why. It was an exceptional time of growth for us both that we look back on with great fondness.

After college I started working for the church we attended. I worked for that church for two years whilst studying at seminary part-time. Here’s where my love for the Lord’s people and ministry caught fire. It was a pleasure to see people hungry for God’s Word and with a desire to grow in Him.

During my time there this blog was born. In the back of a Seminary class a friend, seeing me respond to another book recommendation request, asked “why not start a blog?” So, he’s to blame!

I never set out to be a writer, I didn’t think anyone would read my blog or that anything would come from it, and I was totally happy with that. But, by God’s grace, here you are! Reading my blogs, buying books I recommend, pointing books out to me and encouraging me as we both point each other to Jesus. Thank you!

I then moved church to become an Assistant Pastor and finished seminary. I’ve been doing a lot of talking about mental health for a while and have done a few seminars and things on the topic. I contributed my story of depression to a book together with other pastors and have been encouraged by how it has helped others speak openly about their poor mental health.

As I said, I never set out to be a writer, but here we are and in May a few days before my birthday, my first book will be coming out!

Road Map to Jesus started with a random Skype call with a friend a couple years back and you can now preorder it.

On the Road to Emmaus, Jesus opened up the Old Testament to two of his followers. We don’t know exactly what he said, but we do know that the resurrected Jesus explained to them that he was the fulfilment of many things written hundreds or thousands of years before.

While we can’t go back in time, we can look at the moments, promises and passages that find their fulfilment in Jesus, giving us a bigger picture of who he is and what he has done.

In short chapters, Road Map to Jesus helps us see the greatness and majesty of Jesus and how he really is the one that God’s people have been waiting for.

This book is just as much as a surprise to me as it is to many. I grew up hating reading and writing and now I do both in my spare time as a hobby and something I really enjoy. Crazy! But that’s me, this is my journey and it’s been a real joy to see the Lord at work along the way.

Thanks for joining me this far and I hope that you’ll continue to journey with me as we try to learn more about and become more like Jesus every day.

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