Fear, Final Words and a Doctor…

I know, it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. I apologise. I enjoy reading. I also enjoy writing book reviews for you folks to read. I do this to highlight helpful books that you could be reading and so that you can hopefully know if a book is worth your time or not.Continue reading “Fear, Final Words and a Doctor…”

Books that will make you praise the Lord!

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I enjoy reading deeply theological books. I enjoy geeking out on the massive systematic theology textbooks and academic commentaries. However, one of the things I enjoy most is reading a book that conveys deep theology in a simple way and that leads you to praise GodContinue reading “Books that will make you praise the Lord!”

Some of my recent reads…

One of the great benefits of writing regular book reviews is that publishers send me a good number of books to review. I have a number of publishers who send me books and I enjoy the majority of the books I’m sent. But if I reviewed every single book individually then I’d never review allContinue reading “Some of my recent reads…”

Great Communicator: No Gospel by Roger Carswell

It is a joy to have Roger Carswell as a guest post today. Roger is a Christian man who has such a passion and desire to see people reached with the message of Jesus. He is the author of many books and gospel tracts, check out his material here at 10ofThose and on his blog.

Does your view of Israel diminish the work of the Cross?

In the UK we have just recently celebrated Easter, the wonderful celebration and time of the year that Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. Easter is not the only time of the year that we should remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, this should be celebrated as a local bodyContinue reading “Does your view of Israel diminish the work of the Cross?”