Insecurities, shame, regret and why we hide

We all have things we regret in life. Most of us, if not all of us, have probably done something that causes us to feel guilty and ashamed. We’ve done things that we try to cover up. We don’t want people to see the ‘real me’ so we run, we hide and we shut ourselvesContinue reading “Insecurities, shame, regret and why we hide”

A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin: And Three Things He’ll Never Do

I’ve yet to meet a Christian who isn’t, at one point in their lives or another, reminded of their sin and feels guilt and shame. There are also Christians who feel powerlessly wracked with guilt that they doubt they are even a Christian in the first place. Satan knows how to remind us of ourContinue reading “A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin: And Three Things He’ll Never Do”

Do Not Be Defined By Your Past

Every person has a past, Christians are no different. Listen to testimonies from Christians and you’ll soon find out that some have a very sketchy and difficult past, whilst others have a more ‘normal’ past pre-Christ. Regardless of what you have done in life, regardless of what sins you have committed, every Christian must knowContinue reading “Do Not Be Defined By Your Past”