Stories and songs for all ages…

There are so many great resources out there and I have the privilege of receiving so many titles to review for free. The struggle is always to pick the things that I think will be most beneficial for all of you, my readers. Once in a while, I like to review children’s books because it is so important that we teach our children the truth about God, ourselves and the world. So, here are a number of children’s books and two CD recommendations for you today.

Bible stories for children…

Tim Thornborough has written a number of children’s book, here are four of his newest that help your children get their heads into some of the most well known passages in the Bible. It is very important that we remember to teach our children all of the Bible and to bring our the age-appropriate but faithful application of the stories for them. All of these books are very beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Davison and look pretty cool.

Jonah and the Very Big Fish
Jonah and the very big fish by Tim Thornborough
Jonah is an interesting story because it touches on judgment, forgiveness, repentance and then it ends unresolved with Jonah in a huff that God forgives the people of Nineveh. This book tells the story of Noah and brings out the big themes, and draws out the character of God for the children to learn about and give thanks for God’s salvation.
Rating 3/5

David and the Very Big Giant
David and the very big giantby Tim Thornborough 
My favourite Bible story growing up was David and Goliath, I wish I had this book back then! There is no way any child will walk away from this book without having learned the message that is repeated throughout; that God is the greatest of all and that He is bigger than the most ferocious enemies. Your kids will love this book, I certainly did!
Rating 4/5

Daniel and the Very Hungry Lions
Daniel and the very hungry lions by Tim Thornborough
This is a wonderful Bible story of how God protects His faithful servant Daniel and it ends with a pagan king confessing that Daniel’s God is the one true God. Tim hasn’t shied away from the fact that those who accuse Daniel are thrown into the lion’s den after he is rescued, but says that the lions ate them for breakfast.
Rating 3/4

Noah and the Very Big Boat
Noah and the very big boat by Tim Thornborough 
Noah and the ark is a story that many children’s books and Bible’s sanitise to make it more appropriate, some more than others. I recently preached on Genesis 6-8, and the flood is not a nice story. Tim has drawn out the important parts of the story and put them together well. My one critic of this book is that it doesn’t really touch on the seriousness of this story and the judgment that’s there. Also, the illustration of it can make it seem like a nice story at parts. I get the struggles of conveying judgment to children, but we should use every opportunity to convey the Biblical truth in an age-appropriate way.
Rating 2/5


Jesus and the Very Big Surprise
Jesus and the very big surprise by Randall Goodgame and illustrated by Catalina Echeverri
This is a great little book that tells you about the birth of Jesus, the eternal king, but not in a palace or into power instead in a stable. Goodgame tells the story of how Jesus is our master, but he is our master who serves us and knows what we need. Goodgame does this by telling a short story of a king who goes away and returns, not to be served but rather to serve. He concludes the story with Jesus’ death and resurrection and his second coming. This would be a great book to read to your children.
Rating 5/5



Here is something new for me, I’ve received two CDs to review. I’ve enjoyed listening to these in the car and have already had a number of the tracks stuck in my head. I’m not normally a huge fan of music and don’t listen to it that much,  but both of these CDs are great and you’d be silly not to buy them!

All together now by Awesome Cutlery 
This CD is great because it has Bible based and theologically sound songs that are actually pleasing to the ear and enjoyable. In this CD you’ll hear songs that address seriously deep theological truths in such a fun and engaging way. There are also a number of sketches throughout where two characters teach some important things about God and His people. I highly recommend that you go buy a copy and keep in the car and get the whole family to join in singing about God.


Your Word by DumbRocks
This is a great CD, some of the songs are clearly written for children and others for teenagers, but I was happily listening in (and maybe even singing along!) as I was driving down the road. The thing that I really like about this CD is that the songs are very clearly based on specific passages. Each track has a Bible reference with it that will help you engage the children and teens with what the meaning of the song and how it relates to the Bible. This would be a great addition to your car CD pile, but it would also be a great addition to Bible teaching in church or in holiday clubs.



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