Saturday Snippets (April 25)

Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers.

Christian Hymns Apps

Christian Hymns have updates 3 new apps that are really helpful. 1) Hymns, 2) Daily Readings, and 3) Sing Psalms. These would be really helpful tools to add into your spiritual disciplines routine.

What Makes A Preacher Great? Introduction and Warnings

A friend of mine in Australia has been posting a really helpful series on preaching, here’s the introduction. Go check out the whole series and be blessed, encouraged and challenged to see the privilege that preaching is.

What is the Aim of Christian Writing?

Cody Cunningham has written a really thought provoking blog post for anyone who writes, the same applies for bloggers, authors and preachers. What is your motive behind your writing?


I wouldn’t consider myself an artist but I know a number of them, here are 10 tips from Aaron Lee specifically for Christian artists. Any of my artist friends have more to add?


“When legalism rears its head, gnosticism is usually lurking around somewhere. There is a strong dualistic tendency that very often paints ‘spiritual’ things as good and ‘worldly’ things as bad. Of course, the one who deems evil material things as off-limits has to have some special insight to discern such things. In many cases, those who are quick to say ‘do not handle, do not taste, do not touch’ believe that they have advanced to a state of maturity that truly recognises the danger of such things.”

Pastors, Get Training!

“We need to think Kingdom and build up, equip and train our local church members to be used by God in our own church, in other churches and in other ministries (both locally and globally).”

Conquer Lust During the COVID-19 Lockdown (and a Free Audiobook)

Benjamin Vrbicek is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors, he writes with great insight and pastoral care. This post is no different! I haven’t yet read the book he mentions, but I certainly will go to it asap. Beat me to it!

Crisis and the Creativity of God’s Church

“Today’s church doesn’t have a great reputation for its creativity. That is partially its fault (the offerings of Christian movie makers and mainstream visual artists, for instance, have been, for the most part, weak in their creative merits). This is not as it should be. Christians’ thinking ought to be characterized not by its safety, nor by its sentimentality, nor by its predictability.
Whoever tops your list of the most creative people in history is dramatically eclipsed by God.”

Think Maturity Rather than Just Change

“Change and transformation doesn’t happen apart from aiming for maturity. Trees don’t bear fruit apart from growing up into maturity. Yet the way we often try to pursue fruitfulness is by taping on fruit, rather than producing it out of the depth of our life with Christ. Deep change and transformation comes through the back door when we labor towards maturity in Christ.”

Does the Bible say the Earth will be destroyed?

“Many Christians who affirm the Biblical teaching of “new heavens and new earth” see the new creation as a distinct replacement for the current world rather than a restoration of our world.
But is this belief that the world will be destroyed Biblical?



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