I was recently challenged in a writing community group to write a 250 word piece on the topic ‘The Songs We Sing”. Here is my short reflection, if you’re interested…

The words that leave our mouths as we sing to God are significant. Our words are the brushes that paint a picture of praise for the world to see and hear as our voices rise as one. The words we sing are powerful because they can convict, they can comfort and they can be used by God, through a work of His Spirit, to convert. The words that leave our mouths as we sing to God are significant.

So why are we content to paddle in the shallows of the deep waters?! Why are our churches full of happy songs of praise, yet little is sung of repentance. Why are we content to sing endless praise, yet leave no room for lament and cries of pain. Surely we know that the Lord listens to both the rejoicing and the suffering, therefore, let the words that we sing reflect the reality of our lives. Sing the words that ring true in your time. If darkness is your closest friend, cry out in agony at the apparent silence from Heaven, but cling to the truth that God saves. Let the words of Scripture determine our words of praise and the songs that we sing.

The words that we sing are powerful and give voice to our hearts in times of struggle, of pain and of need. Let’s not be content to sing only joyous melodies but let’s sing the reality of life; that we’re broken, living in a sinful world and crying for the Lord to return.