Bumps, Babies and the Gospel

There are thousands, if not millions, of books about parenting out there today. There are thousands of books on parenting from a Christian perspective too. Although I am not a parent, I have read a good number of the parenting books from a Christian perspective. But I’d like to tell you about this one ‘Bumps, Babies and the Gospel’ because it’s something different, something that I haven’t read before.

I often get asked what books I would recommend on parenting, books for both new and first-time expecting parents. This book has now become my go to book on the topic! I recommend this to every new parent and once you read it, you’ll be doing the same.

Sarah Dargue tremendously unpacks the letter of Colossians and relates it to expecting a child, or being new parents. I like the book so much because it is real. There is no pretence that life will always be rosey. There is no false promise of a quick fix answer sheet to parenting well.

Dargue writes about the struggles and difficulties of being a Christian parent. But she doesn’t only write about the physical difficulties, she also writes about the heart issues that must be addressed as you prepare to raise a child.

With skill, experience and a love for new parents Dargue unpacks how the book of Colossians shapes the heart of a believer to live and parent for God’s glory.

I would highly recommend this book to every couple who are expecting a baby or who have just had their first. It should be read by both the mum and the dad because the principles Dargue outlines in this book are helpful for both to remember.

This book will point you to Jesus, it will warm your heart with the gospel and it will challenge everyone who reads it. I would also recommend it to those in the church who know new or expecting parents. There are some great tips here to help spouses and churches think about how they can spur new parents on in the gospel and create space for them to get into God’s Word.

This is not a quick fix book, it’s not full of all the answers, but it is a book that you should have at the ready to give to new or expecting parents because it will help them so much! This book will help you prepare your heart for the arrival of that little one. Looking for the next baby shower gift? Follow this link and grab a copy, you will not be sorry!

Sarah is married to David and mum to Toby, Emily and Sam. They live in the North East of England, where they love serving their church family in Newcastle, being a stone’s throw from the coast and getting stuck into anything creative when time allows.

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