Saturday Snippets (May 8)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

Easter: The Greatest News

Death, it is not a topic that many people in our world like to discuss. We don’t talk about death around the dinner table much, it’s probably more of a conversation killer than a conversation starter. But if this is the case, why exactly do we as Christians talk about and actually celebrate the deathContinue reading “Easter: The Greatest News”

Bumps, Babies and the Gospel

There are thousands, if not millions, of books about parenting out there today. There are thousands of books on parenting from a Christian perspective too. Although I am not a parent, I have read a good number of the parenting books from a Christian perspective. But I’d like to tell you about this one ‘Bumps,Continue reading “Bumps, Babies and the Gospel”