Be Still and Be Certain

It feels like just yesterday that I was wiring reviews for Easter books in 2021, but somehow it’s that time of year again. Finding new and good material for you devotional life at Easter isn’t always easy. Many Easter devotionals just cover the same ground and don’t necessarily bring anything new. But, I am excitedContinue reading “Be Still and Be Certain”

Easter: The Greatest News

Death, it is not a topic that many people in our world like to discuss. We don’t talk about death around the dinner table much, it’s probably more of a conversation killer than a conversation starter. But if this is the case, why exactly do we as Christians talk about and actually celebrate the deathContinue reading “Easter: The Greatest News”

Be in Awe of Christ

Lent gives Christians the opportunity to slow it down and take time to reflect on the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Different Christians approach lent differently all over the world. There are some tremendous books that were written with Lent in mind. Some books are for informing, some are more devotional and some areContinue reading “Be in Awe of Christ”

Books for kids, teens and families. Something for all ages.

Finding good and biblical reading material for children is really important, whether they read it themselves, parents read it to them or it’s read as a whole family. We need to make sure that we’re investing just as much time in teaching children as we would in teaching adults. The materials should be exciting, pleasingContinue reading “Books for kids, teens and families. Something for all ages.”

Easter Readings and Giveaways for 2020…

Lent is an interesting thing. I wasn’t raised in what I would call a ‘liturgical family’, sure I remember hearing about lent because people give up chocolate or alcohol for a few weeks. But my understanding of lent didn’t really go beyond that. It’s only been in recent years as I’ve seen the incredible benefitContinue reading “Easter Readings and Giveaways for 2020…”