Kid’s corner

One of the benefits of getting books from publishers and authors to review is that I often get my hands on some really good children’s books! Most of them tell stories from the Bible, or about faithful Christians, all designed to point children from an early age to see the goodness of the gospel andContinue reading “Kid’s corner”

Tell The Good Old Story…

There are countless stories down throughout history that captivate the mind, stir the heart and provoke people to action. But the greatest story of all is the good news of Jesus. Learning all you can about that story is glorious and important. It’s also important to see how that gospel story has affected others overContinue reading “Tell The Good Old Story…”

Books for kids, teens and families. Something for all ages.

Finding good and biblical reading material for children is really important, whether they read it themselves, parents read it to them or it’s read as a whole family. We need to make sure that we’re investing just as much time in teaching children as we would in teaching adults. The materials should be exciting, pleasingContinue reading “Books for kids, teens and families. Something for all ages.”