Tell The Good Old Story…

There are countless stories down throughout history that captivate the mind, stir the heart and provoke people to action. But the greatest story of all is the good news of Jesus. Learning all you can about that story is glorious and important. It’s also important to see how that gospel story has affected others over the years. Let me quickly highlight three short series worth getting a hold of…

Little Me, Big God by Steph Williams

Let’s start off small, or at least, with something for the small ones. This little series of Bible stories for children ages 2-4 gets right to the heart of some of the stories in the Bible. The illustrations are simple and catching to the eye, the text is appropriate and exciting and the truths these books teach are life giving! If you buy the full set (click here!) you’ll get all 7 booklets for £14 as opposed to buying them all individually which would cost a total of just over £20. I’ve just read ‘the dad who never gave up’ about the prodigal son and ‘the little man whose heart grew big’ about Zacchaeus. These little books are full of Bible truths that point the smallest of people to see life changing realities. This whole series is worth the very reasonable £14.

Who What Why by Danika Cooley

Moving up in years, this three part series is written for kids aged 9-11. Here’s the breakdown of the series;

  • Who?
    Who was Martin Luther? Cooley unpacks Luther, his life, the times that he lived in and the events that have made his name so famous today.
  • What?
    What was the Gutenberg Bible? Cooley helps kids see the invention of the printing press and how exactly is was a key factor in the spread of the reformation across Europe.
  • Why?
    Why did the Reformation Happen? Cooley helps kids see the importance of the Reformation and why it was needed.

These books, whilst they are short, pack in a good amount of information on key people and events throughout history that were the run up to the Reformation. If your kids are interested in history, these books will serve them well. If your kids want to hear the stories about some of the defining moments in the history of the church, this series will help. Who knows, you will probably learn something if you read along with them too 😉

Bitesize Biographies by Tim Chester

Do you ever hear preachers and other Christians mention the names of significant historical figures in the history of the church and you want to know more, but you know you don’t have the time (or brain energy!) to read tons of biographies? Look no further! Time Chester and Evangelical Press have partnered up to produce this great wee series of bitesize biographies. You get 6 short booklets, each of less than 50 pages, about the following six people;

  • Aidan of Lindisfarne
  • John Wycliffe
  • Lady Jane Grey
  • Mary Jones
  • Thomas Cranmer
  • William Tyndale

Each of these short biographies gives you enough detail to get a feel for the times that the individuals lived in, the major events int heir lives, the key things that they spoke up for and most importantly, the truths about God and Christianity that they believed and held dear. This little set would be a great Christmas gift for the Christian who wants to know more, but struggles to find time to read or the energy to carry around a massive biography! This series is also great because you can throw it in a bag and read one biography on a single bus or train journey. You could also sit and read one and afternoon as you sip coffee, with a full belly after a Christmas meal. Because they are small these little books could also be great stocking fillers! Check them out here, buy the whole series for just £14.99, that’s an absolute steal!

*** I received these books from the publishers in exchange for honest reviews. This does not change the way I rate the books, my views are my own. ***

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