Easter: The Greatest News

Death, it is not a topic that many people in our world like to discuss. We don’t talk about death around the dinner table much, it’s probably more of a conversation killer than a conversation starter. But if this is the case, why exactly do we as Christians talk about and actually celebrate the death of Jesus at Easter? Here’s a brief explanation and a great wee giveaway that explores that very thing.

In this really short and accessible book Paul Williams unpacks the message of Easter, but it goes beyond the events of that first Easter weekend.

Williams does a great job at weaving the gospel message, the Bible story and current events to show how the message of Jesus really is the greatest news that people can hear today. This short book unpacks some wonderful truths;

  • Jesus is God
  • Jesus proves his identity through his miracles and teaching
  • Humanity is sinful and reject God
  • God planned from the very beginning to send Jesus
  • God loves us
  • Jesus’ death can prepare us to meet our Maker
  • The wonder of eternity in the presence of God
  • The promised life and the resurrection
  • Evidence from both the Old and New Testaments pointing to the victory that is found in Jesus, and much more…

This little book (71 pages) will be a really good giveway to make available at church services this Easter. Or if you can’t meet in person, why not buy a few copies and post them to your friends and neighbours? I like that Paul Williams brings in applications and illustrations of how the coronavirus pandemic has brought death morello the forefront of many people’s minds and speaks of the true and lasting hope that can be found in Jesus.

Contrary to what many people think today, death is not the end. Death can be the beginning of the most wonderful experience of our lives. This book points to how that can be true and how we can have confidence in Jesus even as we go through death. Buy one copy here for £2.99, or buy 100 copies which means each copy is £1 and you have 99 additional copies to give to people.

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