Tell me what you’re looking for…

This blog started off as a little bit of fun, I didn’t expect it to turn into what it is today. Initially I just wanted to write reviews of the books I read to help people get a feel for some of the good books out there. I started posting once a month. Then it grew and eventually I started adding weekly reviews and monthly posts. Long story short I’ve now been posting every week for 3 years. But I need your help, how can I make this blog most beneficial to you?

Every week I write a book review, a blog post on a whole host of things and a roundup of helpful blog posts I’ve read that week. This pattern is intended to give you an insight into other people work and helpful materials.

But I want to hear what you find most beneficial and helpful, my dear readers. I’d love your feedback so that I can make relevant changes to what and how much I write. If you also want to contact me and tell me more please do through my Facebook, Twitter or contact page 🙂
Here’s the first question for you then…

I also want the books that I review to be helpful. Currently publishers send me their new stuff and I review it. However, I would like to be more intentional in my reading to make it more helpful for you. Maybe you like reading books on a certain issue, on a historical moment or maybe you just want to keep it general. Let me know the kinds of books you would like to read/hear more reviews on.

If that’s books, let’s think about blog posts. What kind of things would you like to read? Apologetics, Bible reflections, thoughts on the Church, Christian life or current issues facing Christians. Cast your vote and drop a comment at the end, I’d love to write things that are relevant for you and things that you want to read.

Let me just say how thankful I am that you take the time to read this blog, to support my hobby and to encourage me. You’re a great bunch and I appreciate how this blog has meant getting to know people from all walks of life, all over the world.

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