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Over the years my attitude to note taking, underlining and scribbling in books has changed. Looking at books I read 3 years ago the spines are not bent, the pages are clean and it looks like I haven’t turned a page. Looking at my books now is a different story. Dog ears, highlights, underlines, notes and scribbles adorn most of my books. But one of the things I’ve always struggled with is that when I study a passage of the Bible, I’ve not found a Bible with enough space for all the comments and notes… until now…

10ofThose have produced these great wee Scripture journals of the books of the New Testament. They are small and can easily fit in a bag to take along to church or to seminary or wherever. I use them everyday, and have for the last few months. They are perfect for carrying around in between 1-1s and for small group study or sermon prep.

Each book begins with an invitation to the book which is basically an introduction. Each page has the Bible text on the left hand side and a lined page on the right for notes. I’ve used the ESV journals for a while, but I really enjoy the NIV ones because the church I serve uses the NIV as the pew Bible.

Why do I think that this is a set of resources worth investing in? Because this set is perfect to carry around and use for multiple things. You can take it to church on Sunday and fill it with your insights on the passage and some of the main application points. You can then take it to small group and continue to learn and grow from the passage. You can take it into 1-1s and you can use it in your personal devotions too.

You can also come back to a New Testament book after not studying it for a long time and refresh your memory with your notes that are easily visible because fo the generous space given on these pages.

Here are a few examples of how I’ve used these before…

My one criticism of these little booklets would be that the spines can get damaged a bit if you throw them in and out of a bag too much. However, not so much that the damage effects your ability to use them.

I highly recommend you go and buy this set of books, they are currently on sale* for £34.81 that’s over 60% off the RRP of £94.81. Basically it’s an absolute steal so go and buy a set. These would be a great Christmas gift for someone, and even if you don’t want the whole set you can buy individual books of the New Testament.

*At the time of this post being originally published

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