Hymn Workouts

Hymns, some people love to sing them and belt them out at the top of their lungs, others struggle with them and with the melody and some of the language used. But most Christians I know will have at least one ‘old’ hymn that has really impacted them and their spiritual growth as they’ve ponderedContinue reading “Hymn Workouts”

Spiritual Growth, Spines and Covers

Over the years I have recommended hundreds, if not thousands, of books. People regularly get in touch and ask for recommendations and it’s a joy to give them, it’s one of the reason this blog was started. But books, and the regular reading of books, isn’t enough. You can have the best argument on theContinue reading “Spiritual Growth, Spines and Covers”

Go Outside Your ‘tribe’

I’m not a fan of labels. But that’s probably a whole different blog post in itself. Labels don’t often fit. They can cause misunderstanding where it doesn’t exists. But labels also create the potential danger that we only gather around likeminded people and create a hive mind, in the negative sense. This is usually calledContinue reading “Go Outside Your ‘tribe’”

Let women speak (Part Two)

This week I reposted a blog post that I wrote in 2019 about the importance of letting women have a voice in churches. The article got more attention than expected and I was reminded that in the article I hinted at further articles on the topic. I said this… “There are so many gifted womenContinue reading “Let women speak (Part Two)”

Transfer growth ≠ growth

Last week I wrote an article about how transfer growth isn’t something that should be celebrated as much as it is. It’s fine, but it’s no indication of spiritual growth or sadly of people becoming Christians. You can read the article here. Naturally there was some discussion afterwards, publicly and privately which has lead meContinue reading “Transfer growth ≠ growth”

An Illusion Not To Be Celebrated…

There are countless things in the world that should be celebrated. There are plenty of things that happen within the church that should be celebrated. Sadly however, it can sometimes be the case that things are celebrated that I don’t think should be. I’d like to mention something that I see celebrated quite a bit,Continue reading “An Illusion Not To Be Celebrated…”

Scripture Journal…

Over the years my attitude to note taking, underlining and scribbling in books has changed. Looking at books I read 3 years ago the spines are not bent, the pages are clean and it looks like I haven’t turned a page. Looking at my books now is a different story. Dog ears, highlights, underlines, notesContinue reading “Scripture Journal…”

How to read more books, seven thoughts…

One of the questions that I get asked a lot is “how on earth do you read so much?” That question is usually followed up with “do you speed read?” The answer is that due to ill health I get very little sleep, which means I have more hours than most to read. But theContinue reading “How to read more books, seven thoughts…”

Sermon notes, why and how?

Two things encourage me most as a preacher; one is seeing people get their heads stuck into Scripture and following along in the text as I preach and the second is seeing people take notes. If a Christian goes to church every Sunday of the year then they hear 52 sermons a year, if theyContinue reading “Sermon notes, why and how?”