Let women speak (Part Two)

This week I reposted a blog post that I wrote in 2019 about the importance of letting women have a voice in churches. The article got more attention than expected and I was reminded that in the article I hinted at further articles on the topic. I said this… “There are so many gifted womenContinue reading “Let women speak (Part Two)”

The war that is raging, whether you show up or not

Over the last few weeks I’ve come to realise that I know very little abut spiritual warfare. Sure, I know some of the Bible passages that refer to spiritual warfare. But I’m not sure exactly what it looks like on the ground today in all of it’s shapes and forms. My wife and I haveContinue reading “The war that is raging, whether you show up or not”

Dear Pastor, Theologian & Author, simple is generally better!

I read tons of books of all kinds; some academic, some study books, some theological books for the ‘average Joe’ and some general Christian life books. I listen to lots of sermons; some conference addresses, some seminary graduation addresses, but the majority probably in the church service context. So often I hear pastors, theologians andContinue reading “Dear Pastor, Theologian & Author, simple is generally better!”