Saturday Snippets (February 13)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

Clerical bullying and spiritual abuse: Are they the same thing?

“In the light of the use of the term “spiritual abuse” here’s been a push from some among our evangelical camp to pooh-pooh the very notion; dismissing it as an over-reaction, an overtly psychologised and therapeutic over-reach to something that is just plain old bad behaviour, bullying on steroids so to speak.”

What is Spiritual Abuse?

“Spiritual abuse, then, is when a spiritual leader—such as a pastor, elder, or head of a Christian organization—wields his position of spiritual authority in such a way that he manipulates, domineers, bullies, and intimidates those under him, as a means of accomplishing what he takes to be biblical and/or spiritual goals. Let’s explore several features of this definition.”

12 Bad Habits Pastors Dropped During The Pandemic That We Shouldn’t Pick Back Up

This is a helpful article. I would argue that some of this is still going on, it’s just got different makeup on. There are also other things that would be worth adding. But it certainly is a helpful article to get you thinking.

The war that is raging, whether you show up or not

Spiritual warfare is real, whether we know a lot about it or not. Naivety is no excuse, we must be well equipped to fight and stand firm in the Lord.

An Invitation To The Weary

Reflecting on Matthew 12:28 “The very fact this invitation exists stands as a direct contradiction to the myth of human self-sufficiency. It tells us that God expects us to be tired. And for those who are willing to admit that they are not “mini-gods” this invitation is exceedingly good news.”

Dismantling Dispensationalism

This is part of a blog series. A bit of a different kind of article than I normally post, but one that will definitely get you thinking.


“In the culture we live in it is hard to escape a constant bombardment of instruction about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. It is difficult not to compare your body with the people displayed all over social media and on our screens. It is an absolute minefield trying to discern what is good advice that you should pay attention to. In our culture, our looks and our bodies and our diets seriously matter.”

Should We Celebrate the Lord’s Supper Every Sunday in Church?

A bit of a longer read than the usual articles, but a very interesting read that will hopefully spark a few thoughts and conversations.

Sermon Delivery Matters

“Toil, strain, and sweat to say what is biblically true, and surrender every single molecule to say it as clearly, passionately, and powerfully as possible.”

Care in a Covid world

Biblical counselling UK have put together this helpful list of resources that will assist you in caring for others during this time of Covid.

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