Saturday Snippets (March 20)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

Satan’s Purposes in Your Suffering

“The question isn’t whether we will suffer. We will. But when suffering comes, let’s choose to walk in God’s purposes, not Satan’s.”

The Great Commission Must Be Our Guide in These Polarizing Times

“The Gospel comes equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit of Jesus to change hearts. No other message has either that dynamic or that joy: that Jesus lived a perfect life and exchanged it with us in order to die the death our sin required. And that he rose and is making all things new, until he finally returns to remake the heavens and the earth. That message changes everything: hearts, minds, lives, communities, and it is our privilege to take it to the world.”

History’s Biggest Hoax? How Historians Think About the Resurrection

“Is there any good historical evidence for the claim that Jesus rose from the dead? A lot of people think the main source we have which attests to the resurrection—the Bible—is so hopelessly biased that it holds no historical value. But this is a myth”

Can’t Contribute Anything Worthwhile? Let women speak (Part Four)

“Women should be walking, talking examples to younger women of how to use their gifts for the Kingdom. So let women serve, so that they can encourage the next generation of women to serve too.”

How can you help a wounded Christian?

Some helpful thoughts on caring for wounded Christians.

Should a pastor take a day off every week?

“Although the burdens never complete leave, a day where we can try to focus on our families and escape the daily grind is invaluable for our soul and long term ministry stamina.”

We’re All Evangelists – Aren’t We?

“We’re not all evangelists any more than we’re all called to preach and teach. But we are all called to evangelise. Evangelism is something else so I needn’t beat myself up that I don’t display the distinctive and varied gifts of an evangelist – whether that’s in public proclamation, group debate, apologetic presentation, or personal witness out of nothing.”

The Gospel In Secular-Scotland: In Conversation with David Nixon

“We’re back to Pascal who said, “Men despise religion because they fear that it is true!” So what you have to do is make people see that the gospel is attractive, that is speaks to the deepest desires of their hearts; and then you show them that it’s true.”

The Things of God

This looks like a great new book by Andrew Wilson

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