Saturday Snippets (April 3)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

9Marks Journal – How to Build Up Your Church

A new journal on building your church, a members guidebook. I haven’t read all the articles in it yet, but it looks interesting.

3 Losses of an Illiterate Culture

“Too many people drift aimlessly in a rowboat without oars when they could be sailing on a fully-equipped cruise ship, feasting on delicious food, visiting fascinating ports of call, lounging on white beaches, and diving into an amazing underwater world. Sadly, they may not even realize what they’re missing.”

The Lost Come Running

“In our running from loss we never run alone. Jesus came to this earth to run towards loss for me and for you, so that he could stand with us as we face it. n our loss, our longing and in our running we have someone that wants us. We have someone to run to. That chases after us when we run.”

Go Outside Your ‘tribe’

“I realised a while back that I was recommending books that were good, but often from a small pool. This is comfortable, because Christians like to trust the people we read. This makes sense. You need to know you’re reading truth. But, just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read them.”

What Your Pastor Needs From You (From a Pastor)

“Without fail, every single church has a significant group of people who gripe. They gripe about the music being too loud or not good enough, they gripe about a word or phrase that the pastor said one time 5 years ago that they didn’t fully agree with, they gripe about the seats being uncomfortable, they gripe about the church not having a ministry for _______, etc.”

Porn Stars Bear God’s Image

“There are lots of resources out there about the dangers of porn—what it does to your brain, and the evil inherent in the industry—which goes far beyond just people having sex in front of cameras. I won’t rehash all the statistics about pornography or the various mechanisms people use to break their addiction (and casual viewing). I’ll just share how God changed my view of porn. In a sentence: that person whose picture (or video, or whatever) you’re staring at while pleasuring yourself is a human being created in God’s image and for his glory.”

Top twenty tips for turning Christian children into atheist adults (Twitter thread)

This is a Twitter thread, I’ve never linked to a thread. Yes, it is that good. Parents, listen up. Well, read up.


“If we try to create community artificially, through meetings and gatherings, we may not really create it either. But when we simply allow people the room to cultivate and foster friendships, some will be intense and deep and other won’t. Some will be friendly acquaintances and others will be best pals.”

The courage of Christ

“As one Easter follows another year on year, Christians find themselves reading the same texts, teaching the same truths, and yet their message and meaning come with disarming beauty and pathos. One angle which has arrested my attention and affections this year is the courage of Christ Jesus as he contemplated and endured his work on the cross. This post seeks to trace this perspective, and give some grounds for worshipping the Saviour, and walking in his steps.”

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