Saturday Snippets (June 19)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

Hyperbole v Faithfulness

“In the ‘real’ life of faith we all know that there are both ups and downs. Sometimes, God feels close and sometimes He feels distant (though He is always with us). Sometimes Church functions well, sometimes it doesn’t – it is full of messy people after all.”


“To help us deal honestly with the root of our own struggles and encourage our children to do the same, here are three truths to counter the pseudo solutions of this world that even our Christian culture doesn’t always get straight.”

Reformed Wisdom and the Rush to Judgment

“Rash judgments fail to take the time needed to see the whole picture, and they lack love toward the person concerned.”

Mission Hits #21 (June 2021)

A very interesting list of resources about world Christianity and missions.

Should the Church Operate Like a Business?

“Don’t misunderstand me—there’s nothing wrong with clean bathrooms or hot coffee. In fact, serving your church might mean volunteering to clean the bathrooms or change the coffee filters. But how we think about the church will affect how we think about our service in the church. If we think of local churches as businesses, pastors as CEOs, and churchgoers as consumers, then we will think about service as if we are employees (church members) waiting for the boss (pastor) to give us an assignment (ministry) with a job title—secretly hoping it’s not “Director of Bathroom Sanitation.””

Assume the Best of Others

“Cynicism and suspicion, I know firsthand, crawl into our minds and make us traitors to ourselves, dangers to our families, and toxins to our churches. Our suspicions can make us strike at those dearest to us. They contain a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more we suspect, the more reasons we find to suspect; the more we distrust, the more reasons we find to distrust. Every creak of the floor becomes a burglar.”

Top 10 Sentence Slip-Ups

Helpful article for those who write regularly.

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