Glory, Story and Culture; Living Well For Jesus in this World

Christian Focus have produced a series of short books for young people in partnership with Reformed Youth Ministries. These books are called student guides, which is confusing for those of us from the UK as a student is normally in University. But, we won’t hold it against them. These short books also have different focuses, some are on culture, others on Christian Life and some are on doctrine. Each book is designed to inform and equip young people to stand firm in their faith. The series is a helpful one, here are three newer additions…

Track: The Power of Story by Joe Deegan

Joe Deegan takes invites the reader to see the importance of stories. We all love a good story and we are all part of a story. I was expecting to read about the importance of sharing our stories with others (our testimonies of how we became Christians), but instead this book helps the reader see God’s story. This book is a good little introduction to the Bible and the importance of truth that is based on evidence. This book is a good bridge, for the intended audience, between a solid view of Scripture and the life of every teenager. It is only an introduction, as it is very short, but it could certainly be helpful. Deegan also give you a list of other books on the topic of stories and the Bible at the end.

Track: Glorification by Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas is one of my favourite authors and this book is just another reason why. Thomas takes the reader on a walk though the Bible through the lease of glory. Starting in the beginning with humanity being made glorious (in God’s image) and then to the Fall where that glory is tainted and concluding at the end in the New Creation. In just 88 pages Thomas gives you God glorifying look at glory and how amazing the gospel is. This book is also helpful because it’s not marketed as a Bible overview, but instead traces glory through the Bible. Such an approach is more relatable for teens and I really enjoyed it too!

Track: Navigating Culture by Walt Mueller

Trying to explain culture and the complexities of competing worldviews isn’t always easy. Trying to help people see that every decision they make is also significantly effected by the culture they are in or want to be part of. But Mueller does just that in this short book of just 90 pages. In this little book Mueller helps teenagers see the glasses of culture and worldviews with which they, and everyone else, views the world but also how the Christian should view the world and live in it. After a good amount of introduction, Mueller helps teens to think through two massive cultural topics; gender and social media. But instead of just given the answers, the reader walks through a three step evaluation process;

World – What does the world say about this topic?
Word – What does the Bible say about this topic?
Walk – How should Christians engage with this topic well?

This is a really helpful little book that could give your teens the tools they need to understand the world, know their Bibles and be ready to live for Christ well before a watching world.

***I received these books from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way impacted my opinions.***

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