Saturday Snippets (November 6)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

Expository Worship

“Of course, worship applies to the whole of our lives and so Christians should be learning to see how Scripture governs all of their decisions in church, in the family and in the workplace.”

The Depressing Dead End of ‘Your Truth’

Your truth. Those two words are so entrenched in our lexicon today that we hardly recognize them for the incoherent nightmare that they are. Among other things, the philosophy of “your truth” destroys families when a dad suddenly decides “his truth” is calling him to a new lover, a new family, or maybe even a new gender. It’s a philosophy that can destroy entire societies, because invariably one person’s truth will go to battle with another person’s truth, and devoid of reason, only power decides the victor.”


“We do not conform to reformation principles – that is, those biblical principles that would keep us faithful to Christ – when we allow things other than scripture to act as ultimate points of authority for us.”

Don’t Be A Ticking Time-Bomb

“We need to recognise that the church is not perfect, that no Christian is perfect. We need to call our sin when we see it and do something about it. But I’m addition to that we need to realise that scandal is not far away from anyone. After a scandal it’s so easy for people to adopt the ‘that could never happen to me’ attitude. But that prevents real heart-searching work that needs to be done by every Christian, not just the well-known ones. Each one of us need to learn from the horrific things that happen and actively work to put safeguards in place.”

Is it well?

“I now almost understand where spafford is coming from. When life hits us, when we’re screaming out loud that life simply ain’t okay, that all is certainly not well. We can still say confidently that it is actually well, because it is well with our souls. Because, No matter how hard life’s circumstances hit us, we have assurance knowing that Christ is right beside us in the midst of it all. Providing us with all we need to fight the next wave, If we choose to cling to him and his “blessed rest for my soul!”

Does It Really Matter Whether Adam Was the First Man?

“Evangelical Christians have generally resisted the demythologization of the Gospels whereby, for example, the resurrection of Jesus is interpreted as a mythical portrayal of the principle of new life. Indeed, they have argued strongly that it’s the very historicity of the resurrection that is so vital. However, when it regards the biblical figures of Adam and Eve, there has been a far greater willingness to interpret them as mythical or symbolic.”

The Purpose of Suffering

“While we seek to remove, shorten, placate suffering, God looks at it from a completely different perspective. He wants our pain to serve the purpose for which He has allowed it. He seeks to fix what’s broken, put the pieces back together, whole and complete.”

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