The Leader Should Lead, Not Perform

A platform can be a dangerous thing. For some it’s merely a place where they serve. For others it becomes the foundations on which pride, perfection and performance are build. The role of a leader is never to perform, but to lead.

For pastors, your role is to lead people. You lead by example, showing the church community what it means to live the Christian life well. You lead by teaching, pointing people to understand the Bible and sound doctrine. You lead by being the shepherd who cares for the flock sacrificially and without holding back.

Pastors do not lead by attempting to be liked by everyone, that isn’t leading it’s simply following from the front whilst being guided by the wishes of others instead of God’s. Pastors don’t lead by simple being charismatic characters, that enthusiasm may last a while but it is short lived and the cracks of an unstable foundation will show in the end.

Band leaders, you are more often than not very talented. You’re in your position because you are a gifted singer or musician or both. You’re in your position because of your experience too. But the point of your role is to lead, not to perform.

The band leader, or any singer who is leading from up front, that uses it as an excuse to show off their vocal range or their abilities is not doing their job properly. Instead of promoting themselves, they should be enabling the church body to praise Jesus. He should be the focus, not the new instrument you have or the new pitch you can suddenly hit.

This is why singing that is accessible to the congregation is important. There is no use singing a song that is too high for the church because it can become a performance instead of praise. The role of a band leader is to lead the whole church and to enable them to praise God without there being obstacles that they put in place.

If you want to be a leader in the Lord’s house remember that you first and foremost are a servant. When the humility of a servant disappears it can become a performance. Any pastor or band leader that performs instead of leading should see the error of their ways and humble themselves before the Lord.

We are not dealing with some random unimportant person, this is the governing and sung worship of the Lord’s people. To forget who we are serving can lead to a life of performance not praise, a life of “look at me” instead of “look at Jesus”.

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