Saturday Snippets (December 11)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

How Spurgeon Scheduled His Week

Pastors shouldn’t treat ministry like a 9-5 that can fit conveniently around our own busy lives. Instead we should serve the Lord wholeheartedly and with sustainable sacrifice. Here’s how Spurgeon tried that.

What are the differences between covenant theology and dispensationalism? (Video)

A short and helpful introduction to this vast topic that can be the source of many hours of study in the library.

Medieval Female Theologians and Authors You Should Read.

This is a great blog that helps you understand and read some of the great women of old. It’s well worth a read!

Bible Reading Plans for 2022

A list of plans that will be a tool to help you with your desire to spend more time in God’s Word in 2022.

The Perfect Gift for Your Unbelieving Neighbor

The importance of small and faithful books and giveaways cannot be underestimated.


A new theological journey to help you stretch your mind and to help you disciple others.

Are Angels and Demons Active Today?

“Yes! Given what the Bible teaches about the nature of angels and demons, we have good reasons to believe that both angels and demons are active in creation today. In the first place, angels continue their work of ministry both to God and to men. In the second place, demons continue to tempt human beings and spread false gospels.”

What is ‘praying in the Spirit’ and how do we pray in this way?

“Our inmost being is engaged. And constraints come upon us. There is the unspoken groaning we have already mentioned. But we also feel ourselves to be moved to pray for specific people, needs and events. As we continue in prayer we come to have an inward assurance that certain things we are praying for will definitely come to pass. And usually our time of prayer ends in physical and emotional exhaustion, and blissful, holy silence”

Over 100 free ebooks

I’m not a huge fan of reading ebooks, but over 100! You can’t miss out on that!

How should evangelicals respond to the abuse of power?

“What have people done in response? I have heard of survivors and bystanders walking away from evangelical churches. On social media, and elsewhere, there has been talk of cover-ups and the names of other alleged abusers and, incredibly, innocent victims have been made public. Numerous blogposts and podcasts have been produced and books written and read. Most of all, tears have been shed as hidden pain has, at last, been openly shared and people have responded with justifiable anger and grief about the evil that has gone unchecked. “

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