Stories, Both New and Old

Stories carry weight. Story can stir someone to action and bring tears to the driest of eyes. Stories resonate with the listener and can inform and educate them at the same time. Listening to, or reading, stories has been one of the most encouraging things in my Christian Life. Stories of people from today, and years ago, who have served the Lord in tremendous ways. Here are a few stories that I’ve read recently that I’d like to recommend.

The Life I Now Live by Joelle Kenny

This short book is the story of a woman who has served the Lord well. This is the story of Joelle Kenny, a missionary form the UK to Cambodia. I really like this book because it isn’t a ‘polished biography’. In her book, Joelle I very honest about her past, her struggles, her doubts and her inner battles about serving God in the midst of difficulties. Ever thought that you weren’t from the right back ground to serve God? Well, that’s nonsense, and this book backs that up. This will encourage you and lead you to pray for Joelle, her ministry and the Krung and Brao people of Cambodia. Well worth a read, you can read it in an afternoon. I don’t think you’ll be able to, or want to, put this book down!

Finding My Father by Blair Linne

There are many people in this world who grow up fatherless. Maybe he’s around, at a distance, or maybe you never even saw his face or heard is voice. That pain cuts deep. In this book Blair Linne tells her story of growing up in a fatherless home and the pain, the anger and the troubles that came from it. But throughout her story she also brings hope. The hope and invitation of a Heavenly Father who will never disappear, who will never disappoint and who is always faithful to His promises. This book will move you as well as teach you. I recommend having a tissue nearby. Blair also writes with poetic skill and with such beautiful language. This book is relevant, theologically tuned-in and written very well. You would do well to read this book, put it on your 2022 to-read list.

William Wilberforce by Michael D. McMullen

A lot has been written about a number of famous Christian ‘giants’ of the past, Wilberforce is one of them. Books often focus on their life achievements, their goals, their action or their words, but very few of them give you a ‘behind the scenes’ picture of who they really were. In this book, McMullen has published some of Wilberforce’s spiritual journey. As you read it, you will read of his achievements and conversations, but more importantly you’ll be able to ‘read’ his heart. You’ll be able to hear Wilberforce’s heartbeat for the gospel and for people. I really enjoyed this, but I’m one of those odd people who loves Church history. This book is probably more appealing to ministers, seminary students or Christians with a specific interest in Church history, or Wilberforce himself. I think that this book could be an inspiration to some and an aid to others in their spiritual walk. Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

40 Years Behind Bars by Prison Fellowship Scotland

God’s grace is breathtaking and stories of how God extends that grace to people every day are just amazing to hear! In this book you will hear the voices of different people who have worked for or benefited from the ministry of Prison Fellowship Scotland. The stories that are in these pages are wonderful testimonies to God’s amazing grace, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit and the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the things that I like about this book is that most of the people aren’t named. Jesus is the hero of the story. In these pages you’ll hear stories that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you want to praise God more for His amazing work in people’s lives. Well worth a read.

The Trial of the 16th Century: Calvin & Servetus by Jonathan Moorhead

Church history has some prominent figure that are loved by some and hates by others. Clavin is one of those figures. One of the reasons that Clavin is hated is because of his actions during the arrest, trail and then execution of Servetus. But, are people who dislike Clavin on these grounds really informed well enough about what happened and what the background to it all was?

Historians don’t make up history. The job of a historian is to relay the actually facts of what happened, warts and all. In this little book Moorhead does a great job at helping the reader see all the facts, the faults and wrongs of both Calvin and Servetus. Not many Christians approach Calvin without having already sided with him, or decided to be against him. Moorhead gives you the facts, which is what your opinion should be based on. This is a very short book (99 pages), but it would be good for anyone interested in Calvin, or the trial of Servetus, to read.

*** I received these books from the publishers in exchange for honest reviews. This does not change the way I rate the books. My views are my own. ***

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