Saturday Snippets (January 1)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…


“It was these three things, help in praying the Psalms, a clear plan for reading through the Scriptures, and a focused rhythm of worship that sent me searching for help. Simply put, the worship liturgies of Morning and Evening Prayer provided me with the content and the pattern to help nourish me in the gospel each and every day.”

4 Questions for Your Bible Reading in 2022

“For nearly a decade, I’ve been asking myself four questions of whatever biblical text I’m reading, and this process never fails to help me walk away from my time in the Word with a deeper understanding of what I’ve read. I work my way through entire books of the Bible, and depending on the genre, I read about a half a chapter a day (I take much smaller chunks of text throughout the epistles). I ask the following four questions of every section of Scripture.”

4 Things Believers with Bipolar Disorder Want You to Know

“It’s difficult to know how to help or respond when you learn someone in your church family is suffering from bipolar, but a good place to start is striving to understand the struggle. Here are four things to know as you walk beside your brother or sister.”

New Year Bible Reading Tips

“New Year’s Resolutions can feel a bit distant this year. By their very nature, resolutions are dependent on the future – that day when you will exercise more, eat healthier, clean the house – and yet when the future feels so uncertain, so unstable, it’s hard to make plans or commitments. Yet, this is one of the reasons why setting out plans to read the Bible this year is as important as ever. Time spent with God is time on a secure foundation – stability for when the world is shaken. By placing habits of daily Bible time into practice now, you set yourself up for whatever the year holds.”

My Best 10 of 2021

Over the course of 2021 I read a total of 166 books. Most of those had been sent to me by publishers to give an honest review, some of them were authors who wanted my thoughts and some of them were pre-published books for my input and endorsement. Here are the best 10 of that list.

Global Missions and the Treason of Conversion

“Scripture clearly paints the cost of discipleship in deep tones. Unbelievers will interpret a disciple of Christ’s actions in terms of betrayal, treason, abandonment, and apostasy. In our culture’s concern with acceptance and tolerance, pressure has been exerted both on the church and the foreign missionary to deemphasize the exclusivity of Christ and the arresting, confrontational nature of the gospel. Yet the missionary’s job is to call people to betrayal, treason, and abandonment of family, country, and false gods, apostatizing from any and all unbelieving worldviews.

The Freebie Round-Up #123

A list of some free resources for you all 🙂

SOLA Network Magazine

A digital magazine with a number of good articles and insights to enjoy.

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