My Best 10 of 2021…

Over the course of 2021 I read a total of 166 books. Most of those had been sent to me by publishers to give an honest review, some of them were authors who wanted my thoughts and some of them were pre-published books for my input and endorsement. Roughly 8 years ago I started reading a minimum of 5 books a month, I’ve written a bit about that here, and that’s how this blog actually came about. I share reviews of all kinds of Christian books, and not only the ones that I like. I intentionally review books that aren’t necessary great and books that I flat out disagree with (these less regularly). I do this because I want to help my readers know the following;

  • What’s good
  • What’s bad
  • What’s to be avoided

The question that I get asked every year, and the question that I really dread, is “What’s your top 10 books of this past year?” I don’t like this question because It’s hard to pick 10 from 166 and because a book that I think is ok might be exactly what you are looking for. Books are a little subjective. But I have taken the plunge, I have made a list.

Here are my top ten reads of 2021, in no particular order. If you’re looking for a challenge, why not buy a copy of each and read them over the course of 2022. You will be encouraged, challenged, stretched and pointed to Jesus. I highly recommend each of these titles. The are on a variety of topics, including; sex, doctrine, ministry to the marginalised, sin, emotions, training and more.

The Least, the Last and the Lost by Mez McConnell

Truth on Fire by Adam Ramsay

Saints, Sufferers and Sinners by Michael Emlet

God does His best work with empty by Nancy Guthrie

Closer – A realistic book about intimacy for Christian marriages by Adrian and Celia Reynolds

A Radical, Comprehensive Call to Holiness by Beeke & Barrett

Practically Trained Pastors by Brian Croft & James Carroll

Untangling Emotions by Alasdair Groves

There Came a Day by Patricia Cardy

Incomparable by Andrew Wilson

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