Planting, Assurance, Dementia and an Invitation…

This blog is read by a wide range of people, many of whom I don’t know. Among my followers there are pastors, doctors, construction workers, cleaners, office workers, parents, pensioners and everyone in-between. I love the fact that my readership is so diverse, but it also means that sometimes I need to do shorter reviews of books from a wide variety of topics to be useful for everyone. Here is another bath of good books, on four very very different topics…

Worshipping with Dementia by Louise Morse

This little book could be a source of encouragement for those who have dementia, or those caring for people with dementia. Each short devotional focuses on one truth from one verse in the Bible, a short devotional thought is given, followed by a written prayer and lyrics of a hymn. From my experience, hymns have been a wonderful source of joy to those with dementia, singing (or listening to) truths that they sung in their earlier years greatly encourage and remind them of Jesus. Some of the devotionals are better than others, but the book as a whole could be a helpful tool to encourage the reader that they are not alone.

The Faithful Church Planter by Tony Merida

I’ve read a few books on church planting, it is a topic that interests me. There are a variety of different ‘styles’ of plants and strategies to go about planting a church. Many church planting books focus on strategies, rather than the character of a planter. In this short book Merida digs into the necessary things in the life of a planter rather than the practicalities of what it takes to plant a church. I really like the fact that he talks about the importance of a healthy marriage, healthy relationships, theological clarity, spiritual maturity among other things. Just like we would stress the importance of these things in the life of a pastor for an ‘established church’ we should expect them from a planter too. If you’re considering planting, or have a desire to see churches planted, this book will help you discern what is needed and who God could be raising up around you.

Home Safe by Roger Ibrahim

What is a Christian? How does one become a Christian? These are coming questions at the beginning of someone’s journey with Jesus. But as time goes on many, if not all, Christians struggle with questions of assurance. The questions changes from ‘how can I become a Christian?’ to questions like ‘how can I be sure that I am a Christian?’ In this short book Ibrahim compiles a list of quotes that encouraged him as he worked through similar questions. Some of the quote are from people like Luther, Perkins, Guthrie, Flavel, Brooks, Moody, Spurgeon and more. If you’re looking for a wee encouraging book to just pick up every once in a while, this would be a great tool.

Behold by Justin Huffman

Do you ever feel yourself becoming numb? Feeling depleted and having lost the awestruck wonder that you once felt when pondering the things of God? This book is for you. In just 10 short chapters Huffman takes you on a journey t some of the grandest miracles and breathtaking truths in the New Testament. This book is not just pages with ink and a nice cover, it is a personal invitation to go on a journey where your eyes are lifted to see the splendour, majesty, magnificence and glory of God and His Work. I highly recommend you get this book to fan the flame that may be dampened in your soul for God and to see Him and His Work for what they truly are, marvellous miracles that continue to change lives today!

*** I received these books from the publishers in exchange for honest reviews. This does not change the way I rate the books. My views are my own. ***

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