Depression, Gaming and Justification

I’ll be honest, I don’t really know who these books are for. They will be appropriate for high school kids and for those who consider themselves more mature (16-20). My issue is that these books tackle some massive topics in very short chapters, but they are good. So let’s take them in turn…

Track: A Student’s Guide to Depression by John Kwasny

Throughout this short book you’ll be taken to Bible passages that might challenge your view on depression. This book doesn’t say it’s all physical or that is all in the mind. Helpfully, Kwasny invited the reader see that depression in a difficult and complex topic that requires a lot of patience and care. This book helpfully explores the topic of depression, but I must say it isn’t my “go to”. I’ll tell you why, in this book depression is portrayed as more of a mode disorder, which isn’t wrong, but it isn’t 100% right either. Not every professional would agree and therefore I must add a word of caution. Whilst there are helpful elements of this book, it wouldn’t be my first choice to recommend.

Track: A Student’s Guide to Gaming by Reagan Rose

The scene of gaming has changed since I was younger, games are now intentionally more addictive and time consuming. So how can parents care for their children well? in this short book (less than 100 pages) Reagan brings you into the reality of gaming whilst also exposing the dangers of gaming for the modern day kids. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with playing online games, but when they become your world, there is an issue. I like this book because it causes the gamer to think where they stand before God and to ponder His good gifts well and properly.

Track: A Student’s Guide to Justification by Greg Meyer

Teaching doctrine can be tough, but I like how Meyer does it here. In a very methodical way Meyer takes the reader through the complexities of the doctrine of justification in a way that is both understandable and is applicable. The focus of this short book is Jesus and His completed work, whilst also focusing on the continued work of Jesus in the sanctification of His people.

All three of these book are very different, but each points the reader to Jesus and help us focus on Him.

*** I received these books from the publisher in exchange for honest reviews. This does not change the way I rate the books. My views are my own. ***

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