Why love the local church?

We live in a world where the local church is coming under fire more and more. People, even Christians, are doubting the necessity of the local gathering of the body of Christ. How do we as Christians fight against this decline in love for the local church? We get to know why the local church is necessary and beneficial for all believers. The Bible never calls Christians to an individualistic faith, but to a community of believers who gather together to celebrate Jesus, to glorify the Father and to encourage one another.

This book is a shorter version of The Loveliest Place, Dustin Benge says of that longer book;

“This book is about the beauty and loveliness of the church, it’s for all those who sometimes struggle to see those qualities in her. If you tirelessly serve within her ministries while dismayed by her apparent failures, or have rare, unsustainable glimpses of her beauty, this book is for you. The singular goal is to awaken your affections. Not affections for form, methodology, structure, organization, or programs, but affections for who she is and why she exists.”

In Why should we love the local church? Dustin Benge highlights different aspects of church that you can find across the whole of Scripture. Often books on the church focus simply on the practices of a local church, but the thing I like about this book is that Dustin helps you see the breathtaking theology that is behind the local church. Dustin helps you see how the Trinity relates to the church, what is means that the church is the pillar and butters of truth, why it’s necessary for the flock (the Lord’s people) to be fed and shepherded.

In our context, at least in the UK, there seems to be a rise of people who say that the church is unnecessary and pointless. This book will take you to Scripture and help you see how that isn’t true and how it isn’t the plan that Jesus had for His people.

In just 86 pages Dustin helps you see the beauty of the local church and the necessity for Christians to be involved in one. Pick up this book to be encouraged, challenged and to know more about God’s plan for His church. I highly recommend grabbing at least one copy!

*** I received these books from the publisher in exchange for honest reviews. This does not change the way I rate the books. My views are my own. ***

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