One of the things that most people like is consistency. We’re not creatures who necessarily like change and we certainly don’t like hypocrisy. But are we really consistent creatures? Or are we consistently inconsistent?

Most Christians when you talk to them about how their lives should reflect Christ would give a hearty ‘Amen’. Churches have taught for years the importance of living out the faith that you proclaim. But it hasn’t always been complete, such faithfulness isn’t always as consistent as we might think.

Someone can say “yes, as a Christian I should always be a witness for Christ and live as He wants. I should be holy because God is holy”. But prod a little, use good questions and it’s easy to find that the consistent living they say they hold, might not be as consistent as you’d think.

Christians can say yes and amen to living for Christ but at the same time hide sins, enjoy sex outside of marriage, drink excessively, watch porn, lie, cheat and deceive. Often certain sins, and sinful patterns of behaviour, are overlooked because it’s more comfortable to forget and ignore than it is to be consistent.

Another area where consistency is easily lacking is in online interactions. Engaging with others online can be good fun and a good way to meet new people from all over the world. But the hidden temptation of a keyboard is that it’s easy to act a certain way or to say things quickly, without much thought and things that certainly do not live up to the name of Jesus.

Consistency in the Christian life also includes consistently representing Christ online.

Ask yourself;

  • In this response am I acting as Jesus would?
  • Does my attitude here glorify Christ?
  • Am I encouraging those who see this to see the goodness of Jesus through my responses and attitudes?

If the answer is “no” to just one of those then it’s worth considering if you should be engaging at all or if you should take a step back.

The world doesn’t get their knowledge of Jesus from the Bible, but from how they see Christians behaving. Be consistent in your witness, point people to Jesus at all times and in every way in your life and make Him the focus.

We all love consistency, so let’s be consistent in our entire Christian life, not just the comfortable bits.

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